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Steroids are natural or synthetic compounds that help to regulate certain body functions . Steroids was developed in the 1940s in Germany and used experimentally on their troops during World War II , the drugs ability to stimulate tissue growth and protein synthesis lead them to believe that the drug might be beneficial to treat burn victims and towards other war accidents . The drug was never such a big success because other drugs with fewer side effects were discovered , and the legal use of steroids seems to be declining

Anabolic steroids are a class [banner_entry_middle]

of natural and synthetic (manufactured substances that are related to the major male sex hormone , testosterone Anabolic steroids promote growth of muscle , and can make bones stronger and reduce body fat and Androgenic makes the users more masculine by emphasizing masculine traits such as a deeper voice and growth of body hair . In addition , all anabolic steroids are androgenic . However because of their chemical structure , steroid precursors can also be converted into the major female hormone , estrogen . This can cause breast enlargement in men . The full name for this class of drugs is androgenic anabolic steroids (AAS . There are over one hundred different types of anabolic steroids . A large number of young adults abuse AAS to enhance physical fitness and appearance . It ‘s no secret that athletes often use steroids to stay at the top . Unfortunately it seems as if it is not possible to dominate in some sports without the aid of drugs like steroids

Steroids taken correctly are not only safe but also essential for fast recuperation , lean muscle growth and enlarged muscle size . Many of these effects are only temporary , which means that once you get off steroids most of the gains disappear . Steroids causes ‘ water retention , so steroid users will gain mass very quickly , but most of it will be water not muscles . This will put the body through a lot of stress , loosing and gaining weight in cycles . The more positive sides of steroids are that they seem to be able to suppress the body ‘s production of the stress hormone cortisol after exercise . Cortisol is actually a muscle tissue destroyer , so by keeping the levels of cortisol down reduces muscle damage and allows for faster recuperation

Another major effect of steroids is the increased stimulation of the protein synthesis by increasing the amount of nitrogen in the body , more protein available to the body means that the environment for muscle production is better . A lot of steroid users report that the steroids help them lower their body fat levels , the reason for this is not clear but some feel it is because of an increased metabolic rate . Others claim that oxidation of fat is increased because the steroids promote mitochondria growth in the cells

Steroids are used in low dosages to treat some types of illnesses such as asthma , arthritis and brain injuries and some types of breast cancer The type of steroids used to treat these conditions are corticosteroids these types… [banner_entry_footer]


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