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Steroid use in young athletes

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Title – Steroid use in young athletes


In 1935 the androgenic steroids were isolated and characterized on chemical grounds . Thus , the nature and characteristics of anabolic androgenic effects was presented to the scientific world (Kochakian 1976 . It has been reported that anabolic steroids have been used by high-school seniors and not just by athletes . Estimates reveal that 6 .6 of males (Anderson McKeag , 1989 ) and 1 .3 (Buckley , et . al . 1988 ) of females were practicing the usage of anabolic steroids

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more about the society than the generation some 20 years ago . The young children want to try on everything for building up their bodies and for getting better remarks in sports . It is therefore essential to educate the young athletes regarding the side effects of anabolic steroids . The correct picture of the potential side effects that anabolic steroids can cause shall certainly help the young generation from keeping away from the adverse clutches of steroids . The discusses the side effects of steroids and the need to educate the young athletes on these grounds

It is important for the Food and Drug administration authority to have a more detailed study of the side effects of steroids . It is also essential for the professional sports industry to discard the usage of steroids from the realm of its authentic and ethical existence . Millions of athletes worldwide opt for steroids in to develop muscular strength and to gain weight . In addition , to this the usage of steroids further enhances the energy level in the individual using it . However there are serious side effects of steroids , which need to be considered before taking them . The complete and thorough knowledge of the side effects of steroids can certainly inhibit the person from using it as an ingredient of strength . This knowledge of the side effects of steroids should be given to the teenage boys and girls . Since the boys and girls should realize that they are gaining strength of weight increase and other additions on the cost of serious side effects . For instance , the anabolic steroids hold the side effect of damaging the kidneys and liver of the person using it

There are several uses of anabolic steroids . The steroids are used in the treatment of diseases and diss . The pharmaceutical companies therefore makes use of corticosteroids in the treatment of allergies arthritis , asthma and lupus . However , recently research has presented with the data that the usage of anabolic steroids can be greatly detrimental to the body and therefore its usage should not be sought This is particularly true in the case of athletes , specially the younger generation . This is because of the stunted growth and other potential side effects which these steroids can cause to the teenagers

The teenagers should be educated regarding the side effects which theses steroids can cause . If children , opt for steroids to increase their score then they too should be educated on the grounds and thus should be told of the potential side effects which steroids can cause This is because athletes are always on a look for gaining weight and muscles . They are always looking for ways to improve their sports performance . And in to accomplish this they may make use of anabolic steroids . Nowadays , the kids are very keen in accomplishing sports career with the best input from their sides however , it is essential for them to become aware that usage of steroids can even stunt their growth

Teenagers who have their role model , as an athlete who uses anabolic steroids , also tend to use these drugs . Professional athletes are being paid high salaries and when they are caught using a steroid all they have to do is pay a fine and complete a probation period . This is too small a punishment for an offence as big as using a drug . When teenagers learn that their role model uses a drug they are set in pace for using the drugs for themselves . It is therefore essential to have a more strict punishment for the athletes who are using the drug . Since fine , and probation period and later the placement of the same athlete in the professional scenario is too small an action for the mistake as big as using a drug

It has also been seen that teenagers are impatient . They are interested in building their muscles and having their bodies heavier at any cost . They have their role models who also use these drugs Therefore the teenagers make use of drug out of impatience and the desire to increase the level of their performance

Studies have presented a data stating that young children between the ages of 9 to 13 years are also aware of the sports effects of steroids . However , they are not aware of the side effects of steroids as have been known by others . It is therefore essential to educate even young children about the potential side effects which steroids can cause in addition to muscle increase

It has been reported that consumption of anabolic steroids results in an increase in the liability of cardiovascular disease (Strauss , et al . 1983 . This is chiefly because of the decrease in the level of high-density lipoprotein and increase in the level of low-density lipoprotein . It is therefore essential for us to educate the teenagers on the grounds of not using steroids

Anabolic steroids hold the essential side effects of adversely affecting the body of the consumer whether in oral or injectable form However , the reports on long-term side effects of anabolic steroids are unclear in its area of significance . That is to say that further studies on the long-term effects of anabolic steroids will be highly appreciated

It has been found that anabolic steroids result in a decrease in the level of sperm production (Holma Aldercreutz , 1976 . In addition it causes a reduction in the level of several hormones namely gonadotropin-releasing hormone , luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone . It also decreases the production of testosterone

A prolonged usage of steriods has found to decrease the size and firmness of testes . It has been seen that abnormal sperms persist in the case of men who are on steroid usage . It is therefore advisable to stop the usage of anabolic steroids at least a few months before planning for a child . It has been seen that anabolic steroids also has effects on sex drive . It has been noted that sex drive gets increased by the initial usage of anabolic steroids and then levels out and becomes normal and later finally drops below normal

It has been reported that gynecomastia may find its essential presence in some men who are practicing the usage of anabolic steroids The appearance of gynecomastia holds its presence in the form of a small , tender mass of breast tissue

The usage of anabolic steroids can temporarily affect the behavior patterns in young athletes . However , it is important to note that behavioral disturbances cases are very low in case of anabolic steroid usage . However , addiction at psychological and physical level has been presented due to the usage of the drug

A serious side effect of the usage of steroids in teenage boys is of stunt growth . The usage of steroids retards the growth in the form of height as seen in teenage boys . This takes place because steroids hold an inherent tendency to result in the causation of closing of growth plates at the ends of bones sooner than normal and this results in stoppage of further growth in teenage boys (Kochakian , 1976 . It is important to note that retardation in the growth via height takes place with prolonged usage of high doses of anabolic steroids . It is important to note that usage of steroids can also lead to coma and death

In women who make usage of steroids there runs a risk of getting bald like males . Also , in women the permanent side effects that present themselves because of the usage of anabolic steroids includes increased body hair and growth of hair even on the face . In addition , deepening of the voice and enlargement of the clitoris is also seen in young women It also causes the coarsening of the skin (Kruskemper , 1968 Strauss Liggett Lanese , 1985

Other less important and temporary side effects that take their presence in women includes menstrual cessation or irregularity , increase in the level of libido and acne . In addition , it also causes an increase in the level of aggressiveness . It has been noted that the occurrence of menopause is early in women who exhibit a long history of anabolic steroid usage


It can therefore be concluded that usage of steroids takes place in young athletes and therefore it is essential to educate them regarding the side effects inflicted by steroids usage in both males and females


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