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Statement og philosphy/goals for graduate school

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Graduate School Philosophy and Goals

To me , jewelry design is an art and a way in which my creativity can shine through . Growing up , I watched as my mother expressed her creativity and talents through jewelry in Korea and could see the joy that it brought to her and to the people who bought her pieces . Later as I began to design jewelry , I realized how incredible it felt to create something special for someone else , or even for myself . Often the piece that you create has a sentimental value for someone else [banner_entry_middle]

or other times , it is the only thing in the world that the person has of any value . The feeling of fashioning something beautiful from nothing is one that has stayed with me from my youth

In terms of my goals , I have recently graduated after studying Jewelry Design for four years as an undergraduate , where I was on the Dean ‘s List . I have experienced the real world ‘ experience of working during a summer internship and at my current employer since my graduation . For me , a graduate degree would be the logical next step in furthering my career and my art of designing jewelry

While you cannot teach everything about designing jewelry as I believe some of it simply comes from inside a person and their own creativity , I am certain that I will be able to learn a great deal about the business end and be able to continue my education on issues that I found interesting as an undergraduate . As a graduate student , I hope to be challenged by the curriculum and be able to study under more professors learn new techniques and experience more opinions so that I can take that into my own career and become a successful jewelry designer… [banner_entry_footer]


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