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Abused in Their Own Homes : Violence Against Women

It is said to “hold your loved ones close , but hold your enemies closer , but how long must that be endured ? What happens if these two are the one and the same person ? When is enough , enough ? How can one untangle the complex web inside a woman ‘s mind that links the abuser and the lover ? It is a sticky situation when the supposed provider and protector becomes the source of not only the necessities of life but also the source of mental , physical or [banner_entry_middle]

emotional pain . To effectively assist in resolving these questions takes sensitivity , courage and tenacity . I believe that I have those qualities and the ability to make a difference in abused women ‘s lives . This is why I seek a doctorate from your school in the Health and Policy Department with a concentration in the Practice of Prevention program

I have lost two close relatives of mine to domestic abuse . It is important to me to stop the Kenyan trend of domestic violence . Because of my eagerness to learn more about public health issues , I became a volunteer researcher at the World Health Organization . In 2003 , I was a part of a carefully trained team of interviewers working among women from diverse cultural settings : Kenya , Ethiopia , Nambia and Tanzania The WHO study used female interviewers who were selected according to criteria such as emotional maturity , ability to engage with people of different backgrounds in an empathetic non-judgmental manner , and skills in dealing with sensitive issues . The focus of the research was on the prevalence of violence by intimate partners , and the association between such violence and women ‘s physical , mental , sexual and reproductive health

As an interviewer , I came to a realization that violence against women is far more widespread than any statistics that I had ever come across As I came to learn during the 100 interviews that I conducted during my volunteer years , this sub Saharan society had come to accept violence as a way of life . Most women spoke about their experiences for the very first time during the interview . The research measured physical violence by asking direct clearly worded questions about the respondent ‘s experience of specific acts . Women were asked whether a current or former partner had ever slapped or thrown something at her that could hurt whether she had been pushed or shoved , hit with a fist or anything that could hurt , kicked , dragged or beaten up or whether she had been choked or burnt on purpose , threatened with , or actually had a gun knife or other weapon used against her . Information was also collected about the frequency and timing of the violence . In combination with information on the timing of the relationship , it was possible to assess the extent to which different forms of violence occurred prior to marriage or cohabitation . The study also helped to shed light on how women ‘s risk of violence changed over the duration of their… [banner_entry_footer]


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