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Starting a Non Profit Organization

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The proposed Not for profit (NPO ) will be a charitable organization with interests in assisting students from low-income backgrounds in their preparations for ACT /SAT . The first step before starting an NPO is to identify the felt needs of the community . In this case the problems and challenges majority of the people undergo while preparing for ACT /SAT is a truly felt need amongst the local community members . The above is the major reason for setting [banner_entry_middle]

up a NPO . Lack of enough funds leads to such students ‘ mission opportunities which means they are likely to continue being marginalized even in the job market . The urge to help out the people is what drives the need for forming the NPO

Once the need is established , the next step involves registering the NPO in the suitable category , in this case , as a charitable organization The Board of Directors plays managerial roles touching on the day-to-day activities of the organization such as fund raising , financial management as well as planning (Anderson Dunkelberg , 1990 . To select Board members , the criteria involve selection of individuals who are experienced and are of unquestionable character . The chief executive requires being experienced in entrepreneurial management and with an experience of not less than 5 years in a similar capacity . During the incorporation , filing of articles of incorporation is required this requires signatures of the Board of Directors to be appended in the application . The articles of association are very crucial in the setting up of an NPO since the stipulation steps necessary for amendment of laws , process such as nomination , expulsion , financial processes management cycle , as well as steps to follow up in winding up

In setting up a NPO , the first thing is counter checking whether the chosen name is already in use by another group , if the proposed name is in use , then a unique name should be used and once verified , the NPO should be registered . It is very necessary for the NPO to be d with the local state authority through the NPO local offices . Minutes of Board of Directors meeting and references are all necessary before setting up of an NPO and have to be produced in registration . The identification of credible funding sources is also very crucial , in reality a NPO has to incur costs hence the need to s solicit funds for its charitable works . The other necessary step in setting up a NPO is to identify sponsors willing to contribute towards the mission of the NPO Sponsors can be corporate sector , churches and individuals all of which can gain from their goodwill activities in terms of receiving publicity .Once donors have been identified , one needs to establish communication structures to avoid conflicts and to ensure accountability and therefore achievement of NPO ‘s goals and objectives . NPOs usually are faced by financial problems and therefore are supposed to take every step to save operational costs . To minimize expenditure , NPOs can… [banner_entry_footer]


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