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Stars in Hollywood

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Stars in Hollywood

Emergence of a Hollywood star is the extension of theatric tradition meaning that it is an extension into another sphere such as cinematic institution . The Hollywood star emerged out of a marked expansion of the type of knowledge that could be produced about the player (DeCordova 1990 ) Thus , the primary focus of discourse after emergence of a star has become star ‘s life outside the work . For example , press is interested whether star are leading healthy lives , how their homes look like , what scandals they are involved in , etc . Privacy [banner_entry_middle]

is a luxury to celebrities , and not one many can actually afford . Their lives are highlighted on the television and tabloid magazines on a day to day basis . The only way to avoid negative press is to be positive in every possible way . Thus , the emergence of a star has changed the attitude towards the cinema industry . The goal of star system nowadays is to construct the star ‘s image to attract so-called fans (DeCordova 1990

Apparently , the functions of a contemporary Hollywood star have changed though the similarities still exist . For example , in the early Hollywood a star was considered only the key method of movie industry ‘ and their private lives were important for movie audiences . Nowadays as well as in earlier times , stars are privileged site of new customer ‘s ideal (May 1980 ) They are at every charity event , speak out for good causes and are featured in the news for their service to the community The extended functions of modern star are to influence people with their public struggles with addiction , disease , or obesity to help drive major fund raising projects and awareness to encourage global support of underdeveloped and struggling countries . Therefore , modern star is provided with more opportunities and responsibilities than that of the early Hollywood . Nowadays stars are normal people who dedicate their lives to making others ‘ lives better . The characters that they portray on screen are not truly who they themselves are as people . Some stars dedicate parts of their lives to the betterment of society or to the betterment of the world (DeCordova 1990


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