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The staffing plan for an organization that is designed to provide for the direct care of individuals with developmentally disabilities is a complex one . But it needs to be in to provide the necessary care for handicap people and to help integrate them into the community as well as meeting their needs within their separate homes . From the direct care staff to the CEO , each person has a separate job title and job duty but all must work as a team and in a successful and caring company . This is accomplished on one [banner_entry_middle]

accord : that the residents come first and are the reason for the formation of the company in the first place

The most important aspect of the staff within a group home is the developmental trainers . They are responsible for the direct care of the individuals while at home and at their place of employment . They are usually going to be the least paid because of the number of developmental trainers are needed and due to the state and federal funding restrictions . This has its disadvantages due to the fact that the lower pay will usually attract college students who will be leaving once they graduate college or individuals that will add to the attrition rate of the company . But this is the nature of the job unfortunately and the problem can usually be decreased by employing only caring and selfless people who see the occupation as not just a job but rather have a love for the residents of the home and who will quickly form a bond with the people that they are responsible for

The number of developmental trainers needed for each house is an important factor as well . Many organizations will want to avoid paying overtime to their workers on all levels so there must be enough staff to avoid this extra expense . Most group homes will house eight residents and depending upon any history of physical behaviors , two staff should be efficient during the week day and a single staff for every shift on the weekend . This is not the case on the youth homes homes that house residents under the age of eighteen . By state and federal regulations the ratio should not exceed 4 :1 , four residents for every staff member and any change in this ratio can lead to stiff fines levied against the organization and will wish to be avoided

Directly above the developmental trainers in the chain of command will be the House Supervisor . This person is the supervisor that the direct care staff will see the most and will report to directly . She will oversee the scheduling of the staff and be ready to alter the schedule or even cover a shift if a worker cannot make a shift and a replacement cannot be found on such short notice . She is also in charge of budgeting for the needs of the house as well as the residents . She will set forth the budget of the resident based… [banner_entry_footer]


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