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St. Gregory Of Tours

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St Gregory of Tours

St . Gregory (538-594 ) was the bishop of Tours known for his zeal in defending the weak among his flock and upheld what is right and just with courage and prudence (Leclerq , St . Gregory of Tours . He is also known for being a historian whose contribution to what is now known to be the history of the Franks proves to be invaluable . He also wrote extensively about St . Martin and about miracles . In spite of Gregory ‘s contribution as bishop and as a historian , Gregory could not be considered [banner_entry_middle]

a theologian


Gregory was born in Gaul , specifically in Arverni . He belongs to a prestigious Gallo-Roman family . His father was an affluent man who owned an estate in Clermont in Arverni . When his father died , Gregory had to live with his uncle , Gallus , who was then the Bishop of Clermont . It was from Gallus that Gregory had his ecclesiastical training , and upon Gallus ‘ death , Gregory was entrusted to a priest named Avitus , later to be the Bishop of Clermont . At this time , Gregory ‘s mother lived with her friends in Burgundy , leaving Gregory ‘s well-being entirely dependent on Avitus . Avitus directed Gregory ‘s study of the Scriptures . Upon Gregory ‘s age of maturity , partly because of his lineage (most of the prelates of Gaul belong to Gregory ‘s family ) and partly because of his aggressive character , Gregory became the bishop of Tours , and in time Gaul ‘s leading prelate (Brehaut , ix

Gregory the Bishop

Gregory is held in high esteem in the Church because of his role as an aggressive and zealous bishop who took under his tutelage the weak members of his flock . At the time when superstition , political , and social dis was rampant , the bishops became the source of science and learning (Leclerq , St . Gregory of Tours , the source of light in a barbarian-dominated world . At the fall of the Roman Empire and with the loss of Roman ‘ within municipalities , bishops became by default socially influential . Gregory himself was bishop under a number of Gaullic rulers , and was himself put in a skirmish when a certain Leudot charged him of saying defamatory statements against Queen Fredegunde . In this skirmish Gregory was able to save himself with so much dignity and uprightness that even King Chilperic found Gregory to be an upright man . In a number of ways , Gregory had to defend himself and his flock against the attack of royal partisans . This role of being not only a spiritual but social leader Gregory did in an exemplary way Aside from taking care of his flock politically and socially by defending the weak , he also served as an effective source of catechesis in a rather unruly world . He taught how the direct intervention and assistance of God is constantly present in the world . Such a basic belief brought hope in a group of people constantly embattled by the different barbarians

Gregory as a Historian

As mentioned above , Gregory is known not only as a sterling… [banner_entry_footer]


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