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Steroid Use and Abuse in Sports

Steroids , like most of the things around us , can be considered both good and bad . It just depends on how it is used . It can be used to alleviate certain kinds of diseases at the same time can also causes various abnormalities in the body . Steroids have gained popularity among athletes in the past decades or so . It had helped them in their careers while it also had brought bad effects to their health and life . It was accepted as a supplement in their trainings but use [banner_entry_middle]

or for a better term , abuse of this drug was also condemned by society . Most of the time , it is how it was used that lead to adverse side effects . Lack of knowledge about steroids can cause someone ‘s life as it can bring irreversible side effects . This will look closely at the drug which has gain controversy and caught the interests of media specially those in sports . It will try to shed some light on what steroids are really all about and how it can benefit and at the same time ruin the lives of those who experiment in using them . It will also discuss certain actions or interventions the government and the society have tried to lessen if not entirely eradicate the dire effects of this drug on the athletes and the youth today

Anabolic-Androgenic steroids are drugs made by man that contains substances which are related to the male sex hormones . The term anabolic means muscle-building while androgenic refers to increased masculinity These drugs are legally available by prescription . It is in fact used to cure conditions of the body that are related to low production of testosterone . This is usually prescribed to patients with delayed puberty and certain types of impotence . Likewise they are also given to patients with AIDS when they are already experiencing body mass deterioration that results to loss of lean muscles . Steroids are administered orally or can be injected . There are also creams or gel types that can be applied to the skin (NIDA , 2005

Athletes and other people , especially young individuals , also use steroids to help them enhance their performance or their physical appearance (Roberts , n .d . But more often than not , they abuse anabolic steroids . There are people who suffer from a syndrome called dysmorphia This is a behavior abnormality which causes the patient to have distorted view of their body . Males see their bodies as thin and weak although they are already huge and muscular . While females see that they are fat and ugly but in reality are already toned and lean . Athletes and trainers use anabolic steroids to enhance their performance (NIDA 2005 . Steroids usually help them endure longer hours of training , give them extra power and strength during competitions and boost their efficiency in whatever sports they are doing . Body builders and weightlifters abuse steroids because it increases muscle size in shorter period of time as oppose to normal muscle training

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