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Splinter Cell by Tom Clancy

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Tom Clancy ‘s Splinter Cell ‘ by David Michaels

Tom Clancy ‘s Splinter Cell ‘ by David Michaels was released in 2004 Actually , it is a novel told in the first person by the author Splinter Cell ‘ is primarily based on the series of famous video games Splinter Cell which were worked out by Tom Clancy . The book provides detailed s , discussions and adventures of a Sam Fisher fictional character . Furthermore , the book involves series of stealth actions . According to the book , the maim hero , Sam fisher , is a secret agent of the UA [banner_entry_middle]

government . Sam is illustrated as a stealth and elite espionage similar to James Bond (Michaels 2004

Certainly , the strength of the book is simple plot , easy and exciting reading and , finally , original details of Sam ‘s espionage equipment and US military equipment . However , the negative moments are seen as well For example , the main action takes place in the Middle East and therefore , places and names are hardly pronounceable and readable Nevertheless , despite this little inconvenience the book is worth reading as it leads readers through the jungles of conspiracies and invites into attracting and alluring world of espionage life (Michaels 2004

The main hero of the book , as it was mentioned above , is a special agent of Splinter Cell . According to the plot , he is sent to the Middle East in to investigate the death of other splinter Cell agents Therefore , the main hero is involved into struggles of a terrorist group called The Shadows . The idea of the book , as it is published in 2004 , to illustrate events surrounding the Iranian terrorists groups especially of The Shadows . The author involves detailed of the groups , its leaders and actions . For example , he admits that the group is led by Nasir Tarighian who is willing to use the weapon of mass deconstruction called The Babylon Phoenix . Thus , the city of Baghdad is under the attack of terrorists who want to revenge the actions taken against Iran by Iraqi militaries in the middle of the 1980s . The author assumes that The Shadows ‘ has less support in 2004 than earlier though the leader is trying to persuade his organization to use the weapon and to introduce diss in the Middle East , especially in Iraq . In such a way , the author wants to say that Tarighian aims at making Eastern people turning away from the West and from the USA because Iran is under country ‘s watch . Apparently , the decided to write about the Middle East to show Western people that many Middle East people want to leave in peace , whereas terrorist groups would never give up (Michaels 2004

The next moment to mention is that the leader of The Shadows ‘ is a great warrior ‘ during the war between Iraq and Iran and he is considered Iranian hero . Thus , he thinks that by introducing diss in the Middle East , most Iranian people would urge the Iranian government to invade and conquer Iraq after the US is forced out of… [banner_entry_footer]


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