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21 November 2006


William Faulkner ‘s Mosquitoes is a roman a clef featuring some of the people and locations Faulkner encountered while staying in New Orleans as a young writer . This will examine the relationship between the upper class and the artists and the relationship between the upper class and the workers . In particular this will examine the actions and character of the two main characters : Mr . Gordon and Patricia Robyn , as well as a most interesting character Ernest [banner_entry_middle]


Faulkner stages much of his novel aboard a yacht so that they won ‘t have contact with other members of society . In literature the use of isolating the characters from society is not uncommon for example Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain , Shakespeare ‘s The Tempest and Agatha Christie ‘s Ten Little Indians and The Mousetrap . By separating characters from society , the author is able to focus his or her attention on the people as themselves , almost as if he or she were isolated for a laboratory experiment . Mosquitoes provides Faulkner a forum to examine the artistic life in contrast to the life of the members of the beautiful people and the workers . In particular Faulkner examines the creative growth of the artists and the lack of growth of the part of the others on the cruise (Atkinson , 8

Faulkner stocks his novel with characters representing three groups or perhaps communities of society . He represents the artists with of Dawson Fairchild , a novelist , Mr . Gordon , a sculptor , Mark Moore , a poet trying to “nurture a reputation for cleverness ” Dorothy Jameson , a painter and Eva Wiseman , a lesbian poet (Fitzgerald 39 . Also included with this group is Julius Kauffman who at times serves as a narrator such as when he relates the life story of Mrs . Maurier , hostess of the cruise or as the philosophic pathfinder for the artists ‘ discussion throughout the book

Among the social elite are Mrs . Maurier a social dilettante who is quite wealthy and a hanger-on of artists , her twin niece and nephew Patricia who is the catalyst for much of the book ‘s action , and Josh Robyn who are visiting from Chicago , and Ernest Talliaferro who is the conduit between three classes . He is a member of the working class as a buyer of women ‘s clothes for a local department store , he is friends or is at least known by some the artists who don ‘t really seem to care too much about him , and visits with Mrs . Maurier who also appears to not care about him except for his ability to provide access to the artistic community

The novel is written in six major sections days 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , a prologue where Faulkner gathers up his characters and an epilogue where he returns them to their individual places in society . The sections , Day One through Day Four take place largely Mrs . Maurier ‘s yacht the Nausikaa . In Homer ‘s Odyssey Nausikaa was… [banner_entry_footer]


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