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Solve a management problem

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The costumer is looking for convenient place to live in , they merely attract and more interested staying in your hotel if you have good facilities and good equipments There ‘s a need to the hotel undergo renovation process , beautiful and presentable place is more highly appreciated

2 . Housekeeping manager , the most appropriate solutions for this problem is to look for housekeeping staff that well enough in terms of communication or good in speaking and thinking skills . Housekeeping manager is responsible for monitoring the work and needs of housekeeping staff . After you [banner_entry_middle]

change the equipments maintain the cleanliness . Check them regularly

3 . Restaurant staff those are responsible on taking care of the food department , solution find more trained chef cook that has deeper experience in cooking procedures . Most often the costumer would really appreciate the food services if it is well prepared and taste is really good . Costumer is more particular on the creative taste and the cleanliness of the food . Conduct survey from your value costumer

4 . Restaurant manager , aside from being talented in cooking you must also consider good in preparing a food that is cheaper but it taste good that everybody loves it . Think a kind of foods that really gets the costumer wants and needs . Conduct survey to your value costumers . When setting up a restaurant , there are many issues to be dealt with in addition to the menu and customer service . The kitchen must be designed and equipped so that preparing and cooking the food is done efficiently and safely . This resource examines buying and installing of foodservice equipment , designing kitchens for safety and efficiency and being environmentally friendly . Restaurant managers plan and direct the activities of places that serve food and beverages

5 . General Manager prepares a daily plan . Give time to each department to… [banner_entry_footer]


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