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Solutions to Poverty

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Poverty in the USA


It is matter if fact that there are many poverty measures in the USA Nevertheless , two the most spread measures are social and economic

Firstly , poverty reefers to material needs such as food , clothing health care and shelter and this sense poverty is understood as lack of proper essential services and good

Secondly , poverty refers to social needs such as dependency , social exclusion and ability to take equal part in society involving information and education . Actually in this sense poverty is defined beyond the economic [banner_entry_middle]

area , because it is thought that social relations are the key element of poverty measuring in the country (Brady 2003

Poverty affects not only economic growth of the USA , but it affects population mentality . The wide-spread effects of the poverty in the USA are : extreme starvation and hunger , extreme lack of sanitation , human trafficking , increased rates of diseases and decreased access to health care services , increased crime rates , increased suicide rates homelessness , decreased employment opportunities , decreased literacy rates , increased emigration , lower life expectancy , drug and alcohol abuses , depressions , etc . what is more important is that poverty may lead to increased risk of war , terrorism and genocide . Therefore the objectives of the are to define poverty rate in US and find proper solutions to the problem (Brady 2003

Poverty Rate in the USA

Despite the fact that poverty rate has declined since 1993 , the poverty rate statistics are still troubling , because the problem can ‘t be completely eliminated . Co-director of the National Poverty Center says The good news is that poverty is a lot lower than it was in 1993 , but we went through a hell of an economic boom (Poverty 2005

According to statistics provided it is apparent that number of American families living in poverty has risen over the last years . For example the number of poor Americans has grown by 4 million since 2000 . Official poverty rate has grown up to 12 .5 in 2003 compared with 12 .1 in 2002 Furthermore , the official poverty was about 36 million in 2003 , whereas in 2002 the number was 34 .6 million in poverty . It means that on average , one out of every three Americans lives in poverty . Simply saying , 34 .2 of Americans are officially stated to live in poverty at least 2 months every year (Iceland 2003

Moreover , the number of American families living in severe poverty and having incomes below half of the poverty line has risen as well . For example , in 2003 the number was officially classified as 1 .2 million Since 1999 , 3 .9 million have been suffering from food insecurity and extreme hunger . Among them were 1 .1 million of children and 2 .8 . million of adults . The figures appear to be shocking and not encouraging . In 2004 the official poverty rated was reported 12 .7 percent compared with 12 .5 in 2003 . It means that more than 37 million people are living in poverty and the figure is increasing with years passed… [banner_entry_footer]


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