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Soil Conservation Matrix

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Soil Erosion

One of my passions in life is gardening . I have been hooked early on to outdoor and indoor gardening . While my indoor gardening has always been limited to several potted ornamental plants which I enjoy raising to brighten our home , outdoor gardening for me has always meant vegetables Aside from being fun , vegetable gardening is a rewarding hobby because it indirectly augments our family income by providing us with vegetables . However , after reading the text , I now know that in my little way , I am contributing to soil erosion p [banner_entry_middle]

Vegetable gardening causes soil erosion in two ways : destruction of roots and grasses and the effect of flowing water on the topsoil After choosing the right spot for my vegetable plots , I am required to clean the land by removing the grasses , bushes , and even small trees in the area to enable me to prepare my vegetable plots . Preparing my plots entails loosening up the soil and pulverizing it afterwards , a process which means removing more roots , in fact , every root from the land . By this time , my favorite hobby has already caused soil erosion because there are no more roots left to hold the soil and prevent its loss Moreover , that patch of land is by now denuded , so that even strong winds will suffice to reduce its topsoil

After the plots have been planted , watering the plants inevitably causes some water to flow away from the plots . This flowing water also contributes to soil erosion because it carries with it some of the topsoil which is the source of nutrients for the land . The net effect of my favorite hobby , therefore , is to rid the land of all its nutrients so that whoever raises vegetables in the same land , stands to suffer from poor harvests


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