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sociological perspective

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p On the hit television show The Flavor of Love , one time hit rapper from the music group Public Enemy , who is referred to as Flavor Flav , has the luxury of having to pick among two dozen young and eager women , whom he will date . The premise of the show is that twenty women come to Flavor Flav ‘s house of residence and through a selection process similar to the television show : The Bachelor , one by one , the contestants are dismissed with the last one standing being able to date Flavor Flav exclusively [banner_entry_middle]

, or at least that is what the constants are told . The show is a great example of Marx ‘s social conflict as speaking to the motivation of the women and how they are able to bypass public humiliation in to win a relationship with the Flavor Flav . The show is like a train wreck for sensational television and it takes a sociologist to try to decipher the actions of not only the women /contestants who suffer themselves to be humiliated on television with a slim to chance of capturing a steady and long lasting relationship with Flavor Flav . But also Flavor Flav himself , who thinks that he will find true love or perhaps , the more cynical view is that his ego needs the attention of dozens of beautiful women at one time as well as the attention of the viewing audience at home . The two theories that come the closest to explaining the behavior that occurs on the show would be Freud ‘s theory on libido and narcissism to explain the actions of Flavor Flave and B .F . Skinner ‘s Operant conditioning in attempt to explain the many times , bizarre actions of the women participating in this contest

Freud ‘s ultimate theory embodies what the show is all about . It is about the ego massage for every contestant and it really is about the EGO of Flav . Viewing one episode and the audience at home knows that Flav needs to be in the spotlight . His rap group , which was very popular in the 1980 ‘s and into the early 90 ‘s , have faded from the spotlight and the individual as Freud points out , need to fulfill their ego and many will go to extraordinary and clearly narcissistic means of accomplishing this end . His EGO describes his need to be in the spotlight and his presence could be seen as the ultimate orgasm . Flav has a rush by being famous and by attempting to emerge as a start again so he goes on the show to achieve his libidinal needs which is now Freud defines narcissism : The satisfaction of libidinal needs

So Flav is accomplishing the fulfillment of two needs : Flav goes on a television show to fulfill the need of his ego and a dating show to fulfill the need of his narcissism . This is why the premise of the first show : to find Flav a match , somehow mushroomed into a second season with the exact… [banner_entry_footer]


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