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Social Risk

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Social Risk

Every crime that is committed against person has serious consequences apart from the direct ones . Every violent crime , like rape , assault or physical attack has dramatic consequences for its victim . People , who survived violent crimes , said that these attacks changed their lives forever , as after being physically or morally assaulted it ‘s impossible to return to the life one lead before . The sense of safety most people living in the countries , where the law is strong , disappears for the victims of violent crimes , their life is changed radically , and they [banner_entry_middle]

br feel they can no longer feel themselves protected . Many of these crimes are the product of unjust objectification , or social injustice . This is a sociological conflict that spans the globe from the U .K . through the U .S .A . and has become integral within Western Civilization

Most victims of violent crimes need serious psychological rehabilitation after they were assaulted to restore this feeling of being protected , to help them return to normal life . Another problem the victims often have to face , is feeling blame for what has happened with them . It ‘s a proven fact that many victims of physical assault especially rape , believe that it was their fault , and that provoked the violator somehow . It ‘s paradoxical , but due to the social norms that exist nowadays , it is often that the victims feel guilty for being assaulted , they feel somehow impure , different from the other normal ‘ people

This is one of the main reasons of problems with family , friends , and community , personal and professional life the victims of violent crimes face . The sense of loneliness , being different , unappreciated and even condemned is named exclusion , and this is one of the most widespread consequences of crimes like rape , hate crimes , especially racial attacks , and hate attacks against homosexuals and transsexuals . In addition , the societal attitude towards these people is also changed The main reason I that most people live with a happy persuasion that violent crime is something they see on their TV screens , read about in newss , or magazines . They tend to ignore the existence of rape murder , and physical assault until they face these things by themselves or some of their relatives or friends meet with these . Most people know that the criminal justice system exists , and that it I designed in to protect them , but they tend to supersede all the information about its action , and their consequences from their minds in ordinary life This is also one of the important factors of social exclusion the victims of violent crimes , discrimination , and assault , face

This is especially true for the victims of racial attacks . Social stratification , according to some scientists has always accompanied the life of the human beings , after appearing on the down of the humankind history . The reason for its existence is a very simple one and it ‘s that the amount of resources this planet can provide is limited , thus it ‘s impossible to give everything needed or desired to everyone… [banner_entry_footer]


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