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Smart Growth

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Smart Growth

Actually smart growth is community development program aimed at revitalizing older suburbs and central cities , supporting and enhancing public transit , promoting bicycling and walking , preserving agricultural lands and open space for people . From definition it is apparent that smart growth can ‘t be negative and perception of smart growth is misinterpreted . Smart growth tends to revitalize the already-built environment and , to the extent necessary , to foster efficient development at the edges of the region , in the process creating more livable communities (Cox 2003

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that smart growth advocates planning in to develop and to revitalize communities which preserve natural and cultural resources , distribute efficiently the benefits of development promote public health , expand range of housing and employment opportunities , etc . The main components of smart growth are : historic preservation , transit-oriented development , affordable housing mixed-use development , walkable-friendly design , preserving open space and reusing land , protection of air quality and water suppliers , etc Thus five main tools are (Cox 2003

Incentive programs aimed at encouraging development of land in eco-friendly manner . Programs to be employed in Leesburg : tax incentives , revolving funds , grants and loans

Open space protection aimed at developing policies of open space and agricultural protection . Programs to be implemented in my town are quality development of urban areas

Growth rate tools . Leesburg could develop rate allocation systems , caps capacity limits and finally phasing systems

Growth management tools . It means that city should establish boundaries of urban development and design development zones

Comprehensive Planning . Leesburg can guide growth management by involving zoning on all government levels to provide realistic view of planning (Cox 2003


Cox , Wendel . The Great Debate : Smart Growth Pro and Con . Urban Streets Symposium , 2003


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