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Sleep Diss

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Sleep Diss In Brief

Sleep diss remain an incredibly serious problem for many people While there are a number of different sleep diss , this essay will cover the three most common sleep diss in a general overview

Disyears , it has recently come to the forefront of the public consciousness . Sleep Apnea literally means cessation of breath . That is when a person sleeps , there develops an upper airway obstruction that happens while an individual is asleep . This can be the result of inflammation of tonsils , tissue in the airway , muscle spasms , etc . Sleep [banner_entry_middle]

br Apnea is oftentimes fatal

Disdiss . So common is sleep insomnia that it is often used as a plot device in sitcoms to the point of bing on a severe clichy . Insomnia refers to an individual finding it very difficult to stay asleep for long period of time or , in some cases , the ability to even fall asleep at all is compromised . There are a number of different variations on Insomnia , but all are categorized by those two common symptoms

Disstands as the polar opposite of Insomnia . Narcolepsy is categorized as a dis where the individual who suffers from it must deal with excessive daytime sleeping . Usually , a narcoleptic will be unable to stay awake during the day despite having normal sleeping patterns at night . The excessive drowsiness is uncontrollable and indicative of a neurological dis

Of the three , it sleep apnea is clearly the worst because it is a potentially fatal dis . While insomnia and narcolepsy are quite discomforting , sleep apnea has killed many people . As such , there is no comparison between sleep apnea and the others . However , all three are serious conditions and anyone who feels they may potentially be suffering from such a dis should seek professional help


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