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Slavery is regarded as an institution whereby a person owns another who will labor and gives other services even by force . It exhibits a relationship of dominance and submission . As the master enjoys his power , the slaves serve with low payments or at all and always in the fear of threat

In the book Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass , An American Slave (1845 ) Frederick Douglass , himself , wrote his own experience as a slave and the system of slavery that prevails in his time . Being a son to a [banner_entry_middle]

slave mother , he experienced the ferocity of slavery since childhood and can see how the slaves like him are deprived of their freedom and rights . They are often passive of what their masters ed them to do otherwise , they will receive whippings at the pleasure of their masters . They have to content themselves giving hard labor in exchange for the monthly allowance of their food and yearly clothing (The Narrative Life of Frederick Douglass ,

. 10 They have to make themselves believe that their master is the best among the masters . They have to find a way to mask the hardships they are experiencing from the wrath of slavery . Singing becomes their outlet of their sentiments . Slaves sing most when they are most unhappy (The Narrative Life of Frederick Douglass ,


Much as they wanted to live peacefully with their masters , their desire for freedom and survival forced them to do something against their masters ‘ will . The slaves are forced to steal anything for survival Douglass used to steal a bag which was used for carrying corn to the mill in to survive the cold night (The Narrative Life of Frederick Douglass ,

.27 ) Hunger and shortage of food were solved by begging or stealing – whichever was called by the situation (The Narrative Life of Frederick Douglass

.52 ) Stealing can also be seen in the Plantation Society of Antebellum but in a more orchestrated manner . These acts depict their opposition to slavery vis-a-vis their will to survive . Others like resistance to work and even escaping from their masters clearly shows that they are against of being a slave Punishments may put them on hold but others continuously think of other way to end slavery

Douglass showed the power of education and religion to escape the wrath of slavery . He was lucky to have been given an opportunity to learn to read and write which opened the doors for him to information . It was really difficult for him to get enough education due to limit resources and time , however , he managed to use every inch of opportunity in adding a bit to what he know . Believing that education will be the key to freedom , he educated his fellow slaves to be as well literate in the time he teaches religion on Sabbath . It was noted that religion is the one used by their masters to give justice to the beatings and whippings they give to their… [banner_entry_footer]


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