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Slant of Sun: One Child`s Courage

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A Book Report on A Slant of Sun : One Child`s Courage

Kephart , B (1998 . A Slant of Sun : One Child ‘s Courage . New York : W . W Norton

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A Slant of Sun : One Child ‘s Courage was named Best Book of the Year by Salon magazine and The Philadelphia Inquirer . The book is also a finalist for the 1998 National Book Award for Nonfiction . A Slat of Sun was quickly regarded as a contemporary classic , as it was highly commended for its heartwarming story about love in the face of a [banner_entry_middle]

great challenge between mother and son

This book is a personal memoir of Beth Kephart , about her son , Jeremy who had a PDD diagnosis . Kephart narrates her family ‘s search for medical and therapeutic assistance , as well as the answers she had found serendipitously along her way . In the face of a great challenge , a mother rediscovers herself and life in general . She lives with her family in Pennsylvania

According to one of the book reviews available online , A Slant of Sun One Child ‘s Courage gives voice to all of the mothers who ever wondered about their child ‘s difference ‘ [and] the revised definition of motherhood in the shadow of disability (Gabovitch 2002 . Another review says , Kephart ‘s fears that her own maternal failings are somehow implicated in Jeremy ‘s problem stand out as the emotional core of this memoir . Her faith in her son , perseverance , and eventual acceptance of herself play as important a role in his healing process (DiLucchio , 1998

Both reviews focused on the rich message intended for mothers in A Slant of Sun . In her review , she notes that a child ‘s disability creates a new concept of motherhood , and ultimately , it redefines a mother ‘s life especially the way she perceives herself as a mother . Indeed , A Slant of Sun tugs at mothers heart strings because motherhood is difficult as it is . A child ‘s difficulty multiplies the challenges in many ways , and as such , mothers are called to summon all their courage and give the best love that they can give so that their children can have a taste of a normal life

The main characters in the story are the author herself , and her son Jeremy . They are supported by Bill , the husband and father . The characters each has a solid spirit that seems to have been designed for overcoming struggles . The parents ‘ amazing love for their child helped them through the situation , and ultimately helped Jeremy . It is difficult to divide sympathy among them , because each couldn ‘t possibly be suffering more than the other , considering how much love they have for each other

Jeremy ‘s case is called PDD or pervasive developmental dis . It is as vague as it sounds , which made it even more difficult for Jeremy ‘s family to understand the scenario they were in . PDD is somehow related to the complex autism dis , except PDD seemed milder ‘ Evenso there were no sufficiently authoritative medical conclusion… [banner_entry_footer]


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