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In today ‘s age of mass communication and lightning fast transmission of news and information , there are very few people who are not influenced by the generalizations that exist in society due to media coverage rumor , and fear . A perfect example of this is the case of when individuals with shaved heads , wearing combat boots and blue jeans , with a few tattoos added for good measure are categorically identified as Skinheads , and automatically assumed to be violent racists , Nazis and the like . In reality [banner_entry_middle]

, while most Skinheads , as they have come to be known , are far from harmless , those who fit the previously mentioned can be different from their counterparts elsewhere . In this , the Skinhead Movement will be traced from its origins to the present day along the way , the global reach of these individuals , the possibility of their role as terrorists , and what the future holds for them will be discussed . Ultimately , the researcher will have presented a well rounded and balanced analysis of Skinheads , and their movement upon completion of the

The Birth of the Skinhead Movement

Before one can fully understand what genuine Skinheads represent and their impact on the world , a trip back in time is necessary to see exactly what kind of a mindset gave rise to the Skinhead Movement Generally speaking , all true Skinhead factions can trace their lineage back to the early 20th century and the movements of the ultra-conservative right wing and fascism . More specifically , as the 20th century progressed , political activists like Russia ‘s Black Hundred advocated the overthrow of the established political in favor of forms of government which advocated racism and violence as a means of gaining control of power (Lutz . Ultimately , this ideology would be embraced by a young Austrian named Adolf Hitler , who used genocide violence , and deadly force to increase the power of his National Socialist , or Nazi party , and create what he envisioned to be a Master Race ‘ of blonde haired , blue eyed , Caucasians who were genetically superior . This Master Race , Hitler theorized , would rule the world for 1 ,000 years (Lutz . When Hitler was defeated in World War II culminating with his suicide , there were those who still embraced the cause of Nazism and held out hope for its rebirth , although it would be inaccurate to say that they were Skinheads , just as it would be inaccurate to say that all Skinheads are Nazis . To study the birth of the Skinhead movement , one needs to fast forward to the Great Britain of the 1960s and move forward

Great Britain of the 1960s was a land of tremendous change having just emerged from the destruction of World War II . The children who were born in the period immediately after World War II were entering their formative teenage years in the 1960s , and like most teenagers throughout history , sought to form their own cultural identity . Because of this identity search , these teens eventually discovered the… [banner_entry_footer]


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