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significance of Ashura (Islam)

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December 12 , 2006

Significance of Ashura


For Muslims , holidays are a time to give thanks to God and remember significant events in history . Muslims all agree about the five basic elements of Islam , but there are differences in practice of some of the five elements and other extra-obligatory acts that differentiate Islam into sects . One example is the observance of Ashura , the tenth day of the Muslim lunar month Muharram . Although all Muslims agree that it is a recommended day of fasting , depending on [banner_entry_middle]

the traditions of those that followed the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him , different sects practice different rituals and observances . By examining the basic tenants of Islam , the history of Islam since the Prophet (PBUH and the historical roots of the day of Ashura , it becomes clear that differences in observance do not uncover divisions in Islam , but rather cultural practices displaying the universality of Muslim practice

Basic Tenants of Islam

To be Muslim is to follow five basic tenants of prayer five times a day , fasting during the month of Ramadan , hajj or journey to Mecca at least once in a lifetime , giving at least 2 .5 of excess wealth to charity , and a belief that there is only one God and that Muhammad (Peace be upon him ) is a messenger of God like those in the Abrahamic tradition before him . Every observance outside of these five pillars including fasting during the day of Ashura , is not mandatory and there is flexibility about whether or not Muslims practice them . These tenants , called the five pillars are to be conceptualized as load bearing beams of the Islamic religion , that once any one is compromised the whole structure falls . Striving to uphold these pillars is of paramount importance , and whether a Muslim does so or not is purely between him and God . Other Muslims are cautioned not to question the faith of others as only God knows a person ‘s true account

Islam is a practice that must be used in every aspect of life and can never be absent from any action , so although Muslims may be prone to criticize an action as unislamic (like having premarital sex , but never to say that a person is not Muslim because of their actions . Cultural differences are celebrated in Islam , and held as the miracle of the faith itself that it can unite so many disparate realities

History of Islam After the Prophet (PBUH

On his deathbed in 432 , the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH ) gave the leadership of the people to his closest companion Abu Bakr (Ghazzali , 486 , and a he was also confirmed by election (Weir , 4 . After him the succession passed to the Prophet ‘s (PBUH ) other three closest companions , Omar Usman , and Ali , who were collectively called the holy caliphates (Weir 7 . Each successor after Abu Bakr was elected on the deathbed and the examples set by the ruler ship of these four companions caused the initial division in the practice of… [banner_entry_footer]


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