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Trifles Response

In Trifles ‘ by Susan Glaspell , the character of Mrs . Peters is one character who conforms outwardly while questioning inwardly . Through the character of Mrs . Peters , a seemingly unimportant character , the reader or viewer can actually see the tensions and differences between men and women , which is what the play means to portray . Mrs . Peters character is the only character who actually displays some sort of change or understanding throughout the play . Initially , her character is introduced and developed very similarly [banner_entry_middle]

to that expected of a sheriff ‘s wife at the time , following him and reaffirming his ideas and presence . She can offer no new insight on the murder , nor is she asked She believes that the law is the law ‘ and does not see , much like the men , why Mrs . Wright may have been justified in the killing of her husband . Regardless of the reason , she is ready to do condemn Mrs Wright . It is Mrs . Hale who helps to bring about the inward questioning in Mrs . Peters , who eventually comes to understand , by examining her own experiences as a woman , how Mrs . Wright may have been so tortured and driven to do what she did . Although unlike Mrs . Hale , she does not portray these feelings to the men and at one point even defends the men ‘s patronization , stating , they ‘ve got awful important things on their minds ‘ Mrs . Peters conforms outwardly , maintaining the character of sheriff ‘s wife . However , she does question inwardly , and ultimately , does not reveal to the men the secret that would condemn Mrs . Wright . She understands , as the play tries to exhibit , that men and women see and think differently about marriage . It is the little things , the trifles ‘ that the men dismiss and the women see that help them to realize what happened . The fact that the men could not see is why the women did not implicate Mrs . Wright . Inside , they knew it was the right thing to do… [banner_entry_footer]


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