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The Lesson by Toni Cade Bambara highlights the social inequality and injustice that happened during the 1960s in America . It used the point of view of Sylvia , one of the child characters in the story , thus making her the narrator

The story revolved around a day in the lives of Sylvia , her cousin Sugar and their friends Big Butt , Fat Butt , FlyBoy , Mercedes and Rosie Giraffe , children from the slums of America and their trip to F .A .Q Schwarz , an expensive toy store . The story basically implies something about the natural [banner_entry_middle]

human desire for power . An apparent example is seen on the character of Miss Moore . The black woman who was able to get a college education and aspired to change the lives of these children by thinking that her utmost duty is to share them what she learned from her education . Although there was this conflict between her and Sylvia , it did not come to her to neglect the poor situation these children are into

But when we say that Miss Moore exemplified the desire for power , this desire does not mean that she wants to be superior over any of the other characters in the story . There are no other aspect in the story to which Miss Moore wants to be more powerful than the fact they are all living in a society which promotes exploitation and oppression as seen in the lives of Sylvia and her friends . She did not necessarily use her physical strength to overcome this situation but rather , utilized her intellect to affect change to the people around her and to free themselves from the powers of social injustice and inequality

And this is why basically , she brought Sylvia and the other children to the toy store . For them to see that their situation in the society is unjust , as shown by Miss Moore saying “imagine for a minute what kind of society it is in which some people can spend on a toy what it would cost to feed a family of six or seven . What do you think ” The children saw toys which cost them their whole meal for a month or so and yet for other people , this amount is only meant to buy worthless things such as toys

Through this symbolism , Bambara was able to show that this is what the American society was during the 1960s . A society where inequality and injustice haunt the lives of the people specially the African-American communities . And through this story , Bambara was able to affect the lives of her readers and the whole Black community most specially… [banner_entry_footer]


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