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p 3113577- Short Essay – Marx /Engles Communist Manifesto Page 3 Question 1

The Communist Manifesto vividly describes the proletariat or the modern working class (Marx Engels , 2005 ,

. 8 ) as a group of laborers that can sustain life by finding work and their ability to locate work is made possible only if their labour increases capital (Marx Engels , 2005 ,

. 8 ) Marx and Engel ‘s imagery portrays the proletariats as piecemeal ‘ or a commodity , like every other article of commerce (Marx Engels , 2005 ,

. 8 ) that is consistently exposed to all the [banner_entry_middle]

vicissitudes of competitions , to all the fluctuations of the market (Marx Engels , 2005 ,

. 8 ) In Marx and Engel ‘s vision , this process causes the proletarians to lose all individual character ‘ and lessen their desire to produce quality work therefore , the workman becomes an appendage of the machine ‘ to perform the most easily acquired knack , that is required of him (Marx Engels , 2005 ,

. 8

Society ‘s love for Modern Industry converted such individualism into masses of labourers ‘ that are crowded into the factory like soldiers ‘ and ultimately destroyed the little workshop of the patriarchal master (Marx Engels , 2005 ,

. 8 ) The proletariats are also described as being slaves of the bourgeois class and of the bourgeois State ‘ and because of this relationship the working class becomes a slave to the machine (Marx Engels , 2005 ,

. 8

However , the degradation and exploitation of the skilled worker only increases the number of proletariats , as this class is joined by other lower-middle class people who are being affected by the growth of huge factories of mass production . As a result they are inspired to work together to form combinations against the bourgeois (Marx Engels , 2005 ,

. 8-10 ) The manifesto describes this mass movement different than others , as it is not a movement of minorities rather it ‘s an independent movement of the immense majority , in the interest of the immense majority (Marx Engels , 2005 ,

. 11 ) It is also described as the more of less veiled civil war , raging within existing society (Marx Engels , 2005 ,

. 11

Eric Hoffer ‘s book True Believer criticizes Marx and Engel ‘s theories , using the French Revolution as an example the author states that Marxists had an extravagant conception of the omnipotence of man ‘s reason and the boundless range of his intelligence (Hoffer 1951 ,

. 8 ) He goes on to describe the historical behavior as a universal thirst for change which came unbidden to every mind ‘ and based upon that foundation history proved that these individuals plunged recklessly into the chaos of creation of a new world had blind faith in an infallible leader and also faith in a new technique through the omnipotence of the Marxists doctrine (Hoffer , 1951 br

. 8 ) A mass movement , in Hoffer ‘s opinion would not include that which is described in the Manifesto of the Communist Party . According to Hoffer , a mass movement attracts and holds a following not because it can satisfy the desire for self-advancement , but… [banner_entry_footer]


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