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Shanghai`s pollution problem

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Shanghai ‘s Water and Air Pollution

Everyday , China is moving nearer to a situation where its environment is approaching a state of crisis . Environmental pollution and deprivation will keep on generating problems if China ‘s condition would worsen . Even though China could alleviate the drastic changes brought about by environmental degradation through efficient spending , well-coordinated policies and effective planning for the future , Beijing is not capable and not willing to observe such procedures . In fact , it is very important for careful policymakers to take note of the implications of not only [banner_entry_middle]

a well-dominated but also of an environment-deprived China China contributes 16 out of the 20 most polluted cities in the world 70 of China is widely affected by water pollution , the annual death of 400 ,000 Chinese is blamed for China ‘s polluted air , crop yield is constantly decreasing not only in quantity but also in quality because of the unfavorable land and water conditions due to pollution and the production of solid wastes is foreseen to increase in number for the next 10 years making it the top producer in the world . While the pollution ‘s effect on the health of the people is becoming evident and is spreading throughout the country , social and political conflicts arises from people who are affected the most . From the Asia Times November 16 , 2004 issue ADDIN EN .CITE MooneyPaul MooneyChina faces up to growing unrestAsia Times2004Beijing (Mooney , there were already 74 ,000 incidents of political and social unrests with regards to the issue of pollution . Though there are no verified statistics about the exact number of protests linked with pollution issues , but because pollution is said to be one of the social problems causing discord in the country , it implies that there is a strong relationship between social unrests and pollution . This violence would cause alarm to the security forces causing an increased number of the military . Also , the violence would reach other neighboring states and would cause immigrations . There would also be a disturbance with trading which could cause economic instability ADDIN EN .CITE NankivellNathan NankivellChina ‘s Pollution and its Threat to Domestic and Regional StabilityJamestown FoundationJamestown Foundation (Nankivell

Shanghai is facing its biggest environmental test , and that is to improve the region ‘s water quality despite economic growth and increasing demand , though there are also concerns regarding its air pollution and solid waste management . Shanghai land has only approximately 8 surface water . This means that per year , the city can only produce 200 tons of new freshwater per person per year , which is relatively lower than the global average availability of 1750 tons per person ADDIN EN .CITE 2001121 212Environ mental Protection in China apos s Wealthiest City : Shanghai Water Quality2001The American Embassy in Chinahttp /www .usembassy-china .org .cn /sandt /Shanghai4web .html “Environmental Protection in China ‘s Wealthiest City Shanghai Water Quality

Shanghai has taken its step to control its industrial water pollution The city claims that waste water is at 100 of “larger ” industrial operations , and 70-80 of… [banner_entry_footer]


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