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Shakespeare -King Lear

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King Lear :An Interpretation



This scene has immense bearing upon the whole play of King Lear . In front of Duke of Albany ‘s palace , Goneril and Edmund enter , Goneril saying that she had not met her husband Duke of Albany , thank God Goneril finds Oswald running into them . And Oswald talks about a strange demeanor he has seen in the Duke of Cornwall . It is rather unusual to note that on hearing of her approach , he blurts forth `the worse ! Goneril is [banner_entry_middle]

making her appearance immediately after she shoves Lear , her father , to madness by turning him out of her house and now she is growing more and more venomous . She is not surprised to learn that her husband has changed into a different person altogether , who seems to be interested in trifles but significant issues appear trivial to him She commands Edmund to run to the helm of the affairs and she asks a change in her domestic security structure and asks Edmund to leave in no time . Edmund obeys her and leaves . With a word of adoration for Gloucester she feels like appeasing him instead of Albany , the `fool

Oswald announces Duke of Albany ‘s immediate presence . Albany has no sweet words for her , in high-flown rhetoric he does not hesitate to say I fear your disposition ‘ Goneril snaps at him to silence him . Albany gets flung to fury and utterly denigrates the inhuman behavior of Goneril towards her father . Albany with firm courage says that she is hardly repentant to drive him insane with he own behavior . There is hardly any difference between

Goneril and monsters of the deep ‘ Albany ‘s speech is infuriated charged with emotion and an appeal for poetic justice . Goneril in enraged tone admonishes Albany . She , nonchalantly , calls him a fool who takes pity on those who stand punished . Goneril here talks like the most ungrateful , witch-like creature who never hesitates to do any wrong Albany again calls her names and says that women are perfect fiends even more perfect than Satan

himself . His words are replete with hatred and disgust towards Goneril the woman who is `worse ‘ in the eyes of her husband and ungrateful and equivocator in the opinion of her father . Though Goneril whimpers in protest

Albany confirms that she is nothing short of a fiend and he intends to flay her flesh and dislocate the bones . Immediately after the messenger comes in to declare that Duke of Cornwall is no more and the servant who has slain her husband is baying for Gloucester ‘s blood and his eyes to be gouged

Goneril is the chief speaker in the aforesaid passage and it foreshadows an imminent disaster . Goneril ‘s unhealthy aspiration to usurp her father ‘s throne had never been liked by Albany . And we all know that Goneril commits suicide by consuming poison lastly . The speaker and the listeners in this passage are all infuriated in some way or the other… [banner_entry_footer]


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