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Sexual Revolution and counterrevolution

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Sexual Revolution and Counter-Revolution

Apparently , sexual revolution of 1960-1980 wasn ‘t simply revolution in sexual behavior , but also was involved in many other significant social changes . Main changes were connected with free love expressions and having several partner . Further , women ‘s sexuality was shown from new viewpoint as well as new stress in sexual relations was laid on sexual satisfaction and clitoral orgasm as well as on sexual relation without any responsibilities and before marriage . It is necessary to admit that sexual revolution promoted sexual experimentation involving single bars swinging , etc [banner_entry_middle]

. Thus new sexual norms were significantly contributed Sexual revolution was also associated with women ‘s movements development of new lifestyles such as gay liberation and lesbians Attention was paid to greater acceptance of pleasure and improvements in the quality of life . Moreover , many political changes resulted from sexual revolution

It is a matter of fact that sexual revolution provokes emergence of counter-revolution led by religious forces . Their aim was to stop and to turn back sexual revolution by establishing new organizations , passing legislation , electing sexually restricted political representatives de-funding sexually progressive programs and thus spending more money on sexually conservative programs . Sexual counter-revolution promoted the idea of safer sax and it paid attention to sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea , syphilis , genital warts , genital herpes , and hepatitis B . Mostly diseases were transmitted among gay couples Therefore , these opposing trends prove that the USA consisted of two minds – restrictive and permissive . Younger generation was promoting free expression of love and sexual relation , whereas older generation and religion was calling for conservative ones

Nevertheless , the battles between religious conservatives and sexual progressives are still taking place . Nevertheless , it is apparent that sexual revolution has significantly changed gender and sexual roles


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