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Sexual Assault

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STDs and increased likelihood to participate in high risk activities . Women who have been sexually assaulted are more at risk for all of these negative effects than women who have not been sexually assaulted (Campbell , Sefl , and Ahrens , 2004

Women who are raped have a very difficult healing process ahead . They are forced to deal with the stigmatization of the rape itself . They are forced to deal with the judgments of others and for them , perhaps more so than for any other crime victim , they are forced to prove themselves innocent first [banner_entry_middle]

, before proving the assailant guilty . This cultural stereotype extends even to women who have not been raped . They will forever be questioning what they would do if they were in the same circumstance . What they learn from society does not seem to give women much hope . Many district attorneys and county prosecutors will advise women whether or not they have a case based on the behavior of the woman because rape cases are tried on believability , not on evidence (Stewart Dobbins and Gatawski , 1996

Social education can play a major role in changing the attitudes of society . Women who don ‘t want to report rape can be counseled to find the courage to do so . Every report will bring women that much closer to gaining legitimacy in a society which holds them to a double standard in this way . On one hand , society has seen women become powerful forces in business , science , education and politics . On the other hand , when victims of a sexual crime , women are still held to archaic standards The mold must be broken soon so that society can progress


Campbell , R , Sefl , T , and Ahrens , C (2004 . The Impact of Rape on Women ‘s Sexual Health Risk Behaviors . Health Psychology 23 .1 : 67-74… [banner_entry_footer]


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