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Sex in Marketing/Advertising

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SEX IN MARKETING /ADVERTISING (Social Aspects of Sexuality


The use of sexual attraction as a tool of persuasion by drawing attention , interest to a particular product for the purpose of promotion and increase in sales had been a part of marketing and advertising industry for quite some time . The method generally uses attractive models , usually in a suggestive or provocative scene . The past two decades have witnessed an increasing use of explicit sexual appeal in consumer-oriented print advertising and particularly of women as the object of sexual desire that it [banner_entry_middle]

has reached to the point of being common

The use of sex in advertising can range from being highly overt to extremely subtle from explicit displays of sexual acts or nudity , down to the use of basic cosmetic products to enhance attractiveness . The more subtle forms of this spectrum have seeped into other types of media . One such example is the criteria in the selection of DJs and announcers , which is based on the sexiness ‘ of their voice

The use of sexual imagery in advertising has received a barrage of criticisms on various grounds . Moral and religious groups oppose it for being obscene . Feminist groups raise the issue of women ‘s rights , that it reduces women as mere `objects . Others believe that it only reinforces sexism

Psychological Basis

Reasons why people purchase the products they do or why they attach importance to some items over others have been subject of interest for businesses which long to find the answers to this phenomenon Psychological research on product branding , persuasion , and consumer behavior are applied in marketing , advertising , and sales

For the main reason of propping up sales , advertisers had incorporated sexual images to make a product sell . The practice has greatly been influenced by the Psychoanalytic theory , particularly Freud ‘s concept that man ‘s behavior is greatly influenced by his hidden , baser instincts , in which sexual needs being the greatest part . Wilson Bryan Key wrote in his book that sex in advertising is simply tapping into the subliminal ‘ or below the threshold of consciousness . Subliminal stimulation therefore comes from the idea that certain things are seen heard , or felt that never reach our conscious thought processes

He further stated that the collection of these `data ‘ may still be recorded somewhere in the deep recesses of our mind and have the power to influence our decisions and behavior . People in the advertising profession make use of this concept to show sexual images or suggestions in trying to sell a product . The association of sexual attraction with a particular product is trying to suggest the desirability of the product Advertisers insist that these images manipulate the consumer ‘s behavior without them realizing it (WB Key . Subliminal Seduction

Although strictly speaking , Key ‘s subliminal perception ‘ is incorrectly used , since perception itself implies conscious awareness Since the late 1800s , psychologists have originally called it subception . Although this concept has been widely accepted as true research results on this showed that subliminal stimulation is… [banner_entry_footer]


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