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Many professions are such that working towards a common goal requires additional hours and much stress . The medical profession is one of these fields . Unfortunately , the medical profession is also one that demands acute attention and clear thinking . When personnel are low and stress is high , these conflicts can produce less-than-satisfactory results . Overworked medical personnel will lack sleep which will affect their performance during the day . According to Hans Van Dongen of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in Philadelphia people who get by on a modest [banner_entry_middle]

sleep deficit are often not aware of their shrinking thinking capabilities and don ‘t feel particularly drowsy

Never has medical care been more crucial than on overseas military basis in or near combat zones . These soldier /medical professionals frequently see a large influx of sick and wounded individuals known as Mass Casualty . These individuals must be prioritized , transported , treated and in some cases evacuated , as quickly and efficiently as possible Thanks to improvements

in combat-related first aid , helicopter evacuation and personal protective equipment , more casualties are reaching the field hospital alive (Haberstock , 2006 . While everyone is thankful for life-saving technology , the numbers entering the hospitals are going up as a result

At the United States Marine Corps Charlie surgical company at Al Asad Air Base in Iraq , such a situation exists . This health surgical company is hierarchically organized into seven areas of operation

Health Service Support Operations Center


Shock Trauma Platoon

Operating Room

Ancillary Services



All of these service services must work together to provide the best care for the patients and to uphold the mission statement : to provide critical wartime surgical and medical support including specialty consultation , enroute nursing care , and medical regulating support for the point of injury to Level III for Coalition Forces operation in AO Denver , Iraq in support of OIF 05-07 (Battle Book , 2002

Unfortunately , some major problems plague Charlie Health Services Company . During mass casualty incidents , organization seems to wane Like many military medical facilities , there are not enough people to man all the stations . This has resulted in overlapping shifts and responsibilities in multiple areas of operation . Communication with often impeded by non-working equipment . All of this has led to a low state of morale in Charlie Health Services Company


The objective of this is to identify the main areas that need change in the Charlie Health Services Company and to provide researched information to implement this change . IN doing this , we have identified three areas most in need of changes

Logistics during Mass Casualty

Personnel scheduling and morale

Communication issues

Thus , the first sub-objective is to create a system to speed the flow of patients during mass casualty in to give them each prompt care according to their priority

The second sub-objective is to attempt to secure additional personnel and to better assign existing personnel to allow for necessary sleep and personal time (PT

The third sub-objective is to eradicate communication problems with equipment upgrades… [banner_entry_footer]


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