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Judaism G d promised the Jews that a Messiah would come to lead them

Introduction What is Judaism Judaism : Our religion is the religion of the Jewish people and before us the ancient Hebrews Introduction We Jews believe in one all-powerful God . This religion is based upon a covenant that was given to Abraham about 2000 BC Introduction The covenant was renewed by Moses about 1200 BC . God ‘s will is made known to Jews through the Torah – a book which indicates the way in which they should live

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a very old religion . The Jews were promised by G d that they were the chosen people and that G d would lead and protect them until they reached the Kingdom Of Heaven Celebrations Shabbat is sunset on Friday till sunset on Saturday . It is a most important day for Jews all over the world because they all stop work and carry out the same rituals for the Shabbat which makes them feel all part of one huge family Hanukkah Hanukkah or Chanukah is the Jewish festival of light . It starts early to mid December and lasts for eight days , it is similar to Christmas and New Year in the Christian religion Succot or Sukkot Succot is a Jewish festival . It lasts eight or nine days . They build a hut called a Succah . They stay in there and bring tables and chairs , even beds during the time The Torah The Torah is the scroll version of the first five books of the Old Testament . The Torah was given to Moses on Mount Sinai and is also known as ‘oral law The Torah is only part of the Jewish holy book Jewish Customs Judaism is steeped in customs many of which are left over from a time when hygiene was a problem and many of which no-one can think of or guess the origin . Food , its preparation , cooking and eating has an unusual amount of ritual associated with it Torah means ‘teaching . Find some accessible examples , such as ‘the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20 : 3-17 ) or Leviticus 19 : 32 ‘show respect for old people and honour them ‘ or Leviticus 19 : 18 – ‘love your neighbour as you love yourself . Discuss what these might mean in practice Jewish Texts The Tanakh corresponds to the Jewish Scriptures (often referred to as the Old Testament by Christians . It is composed of three groups of books the Torah (aka Pentateuch : Genesis , Exodus , Leviticus , Numbers and Deuteronomy .the Nevi ‘im : Joshua , Judges , Samuel (2 , Kings (2 , Isaiah , Jeremiah , Ezekiel , Hosea , Joel , Amos , Obadiah , Jonah , Micah , Nahum , Habakkuk , Zephaniah , Haggai , Zachariah , and MalachiIsaiah .the Ketuvim , the “Writings ” including Psalms , Proverbs , Job , Song of Songs , Ecclesiastes , Ruth , Esther , Lamentations , Daniel , Ezra , Nehemiah , Chronicles (2 Holocaust The Holocaust Adolf Hitler suddenly became the supreme power in Germany , molding it to his will Holocaust The Supreme Court declared allegiance to Hitler , not Germany Jerusalem The Western Wall Through 2 ,000 years of exile , Jews from four corners of the world… [banner_entry_footer]


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