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scuba diving

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Scuba Diving

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Scuba Diving

SCUBA , abbreviation of Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus is very exciting and enjoyable . A lot of people think that under water diving (SCUBA diving ) is all about wearing a wetsuit and fastening an oxygen cylinder on your back . There are a lot more things associated with diving in terms of effort , time and exertion

In 1943 scuba diving was initiated as a sport by Jacques Cousteau and Emil Gagnan with the invention of the [banner_entry_middle]

Aqua-lung . Since the past 20 years scuba diving has become exceedingly well known . Around 700 ,000 divers all over the world are certified every year as the activity of diving has grown tremendously

Common medical problems of scuba diving

There are a number of medical problems associated with scuba diving . One of the most common is “squeezes ‘ It can affect a person ‘s face mask or middle ear at the time of diving . It also causes severe pains in a person ‘s ears . Severe throbbing in the ear is due to the higher water pressure because as you go deeper in the water , the pressure rises

Various kinds of marine animals , and dangers like for instance sharp metal which is bare or fishing lines etc , cause minor injuries like cuts , scratches , scrapes to a persons arms and legs

Dangers of scuba diving

Every sport involves danger whether it is football , cricket , baseball etc , but a lot of divers state that scuba diving is very safe as compared to other sports . They say it is even safer than touch football There are a lot of dangers involved in scuba diving which are very obvious . One of the most obvious being , that a person is about 20 to 80 (or above ) feet under water for about an hour wearing a mask and an oxygen cylinder on the back . There are a number of things which might go wrong like for instance the mask or the mouthpiece might fall out or the equipment oxygen cylinder could break down (Mccarthy , 1997

Amongst all the other health issues barotrauma to the lungs and decompression sickness are the most hazardous ones . These are also called “the bends

Barotrauma arises when the gas contained in the lungs expand while the diver is going up to the surface level of the water , harming nearby body tissues . These lung damages are usually terrible enough to be the basis of lung collapse (pneumothorax . The damages can also let the free air bubbles to get out into the blood flow . This is called arterial gas embolism . Arterial gas embolism frequently causes chest pain , inhalation difficulty and neurologic troubles for example stroke (American Family Physician , 2001

Decompression disease takes place at some point in rising and on the surface level . The nitrogen gas merges with the body tissues due to which blood oozes out from the solution and it also forms minute bubbles in the blood . The blood vessels and the body tissues… [banner_entry_footer]


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