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sattelite radio, mass media industry

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br U .S . aggression into Iraq is one example of satellite use in broadcast industry

Figure 2 Use of Satellite System in Mass Media Industry

Source (Intelsat , 2007

Other use of satellite communications in mass media industry is for remote printing that enables a news or magazine headquarters to print their publications remotely in other parts of the world in to speed up the delivery to customers ( HYPERLINK “http /adsabs .harvard .edu /cgi-bin /author_form ?author Schuessler H full author Schuessler 20H charset ISO-8859-1 db_key PHY ” Schuessler 1978

Figure 3 Satellite [banner_entry_middle]

Communications for remote printing and live reports

2 .3 Microeconomics of Satellite System

Concerning the relation to microeconomics , the use of satellite system has great influence to influence the picture of economy in a country since satellite system can determine the price of services . For example live reports of a soccer game in the Wembley stadium in London may be priced differently when broadcasters use satellite system or fiber optic cables

Pricing strategy is an important issue in broadcast industry since it influences the costs of sales (costs of production ) for the broadcasters , which in turn will influence the pricing to customers . In the past decades , when the use of international submarine cables is still rare , satellite system becomes the only actor in the transmission of voice , data , and video to any locations in the world . However , the vast submarine networks as described in the figure 1 has re-position the role of satellite system to be the reliable communication systems that address fast lead time , reliability , scaleable etc

For instances , DIRECTV is a service in the U .S . that brings digital entertainment directly to the home as shown in the figure 4 (BestBuy 2007 . The price of such services ranging from 29 .99 to 59 .99 per month depending to number… [banner_entry_footer]


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