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Satire on Parenting

March 31, 2016 | Author: | Posted in aviation, technology

Being a Mom

Being a mother means many things . To a little girl at play , it means cuddling a doll . To a young teenage girl it means marrying a handsome cute boyfriend someday , without any thought of the responsibilities and confinements of being a wife and a mother . But seriously speaking , what really is a mother ? Being a mother myself , I can cite several things . It means enduring a nine-month long pregnancy , only to overhear your antagonistic sister in law , at the bedside whispering to a friend What an ugly little baby [banner_entry_middle]

p We went to Japan last year . There we were , the three of us : grandma the first kid , and me . It was first time international travel . Whisking and whirling in and round the airports was nervy and exciting at the same time . Arriving at our hotel , there were oohs and aahs on seeing the electronic flushing bowl . First kid immediately let the warm water swirl in her bottom , giggling at the same time . Stop it ‘ I said . She ignored my command . Well , anyway , it ‘s not our water or electricity we ‘re guests so I guess that would be fine . Just then , the Japanese hotel attendant opened the main door . First kid bolted up with her pants down and happened to push the button , with the toilet bowl water squirting into our faces . What a day ! That night I couldn ‘t sleep I missed my mosquito net ‘ and discovered that so does First kid . We sat up beside the huge window on our 54th floor . Of course , it was only seven o ‘clock , one doesn ‘t sleep that time . We decided to retire early because many activities await us the next day and our interpreter advised us to rest a lot so we can recover from the long flight and adjust to the new climate . It was hot outside when we arrived . Back to our hotel , the moon , oh the moon was soo Red ! We went back to bed First kid had to drink milk to make her feel sleepy . It was now nine pm . It was almost three at dawn when I woke up to sounds of plastic bags Grandma is fully awake ! Busy folding and unfolding her packages , the noisy plastic bags are so awfully noisy . First Kid was awakened too Grandma made us hear her witchy ‘ giggle , when I attempted to tell her to stop . She stopped . Only momentarily and just when we started to doze off , there goes the plastic bags again . Whew ! For the length of our stay in Japan , her plastic bags became our alarm clock

Dad came from a long time travel abroad with a work there and decided to finally settle home with us for good . Second kid then arrived a frail little thing , but with a lung power the capacity of a PA system It ‘s true I am not kidding . Where does that sound come from ? For the first time , we panic whenever Second Kid cries . It seemed that… [banner_entry_footer]


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