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Sandra Cisneros `s short story `My Lucy Friend Who Smells Like Corn`

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Lucy my friend who smells like corn ‘ written by Sandra Cisneros , is a short story of 1200 words written in 4 pages . The story is about a Texas girl called Lucy Anguiano , who lives with eight sisters and parents Lucy lives in a very poor status far far away from receiving any pleasures or luxuries of childhood . Even then , Lucy finds happiness and fun in little things such as sharing , caring and in having a playful time with friends and sisters . For this reason , Lucy is pretty much liked by a [banner_entry_middle]

friend who lives with grandparents . Lucy ‘s friend always talks about Lucy ‘s warm nature and compares Lucy with the smell of a corn . Friend also feels that , she wished to be one of the sisters of Lucy for such is the best and friendly nature of Lucy . The story gives a good understanding as to why and how a friendship is made and grows big at a young age . In a way the story tells that childhood is the best of all times for fun and to make friendships which can never be forgotten even at a later stage of life

Sandra ‘s writing style is very good for easy understanding of students and stories are very encouraging to read more books and to gain knowledge of American Literary works . Also the story leaves a special message of friendship for young girls of school grade . There are many students who began to write , after reading Sandra ‘s books . One of the student says It was in 7th grade when I was first introduced to the House on Mango Street . Thanks to my teacher Ms . Henning , I have become an avid reader of Ms . Cisneros

Sandra ‘s writing is very close to real life experiences . It appears that several personal experiences of Sandra have been written in the story Parents can also be advised to read Sandra ‘s stories to better understand children ‘s real feelings and little things that matter much for children which are clearly written by Sandra

Thesis Question : Why does Sandra ‘s characters are compared with food

Answer : Children simply like food and it is the best part of enjoyment apart from play time which seem to have perfectly understood by Sandra which is why the name of the story takes the name of corn

Agreeing to the above thesis answer , according to Prof .John S .Christie truly food gives a better understanding about a particular culture and tradition

Short stories must have a definite theme . The theme must be compared and communicated in an ly way to the reader (Sharon Sorenson , 2002 Contemporary Chicana Literature pg .11 ) The comparison of Lucy with corn gives another meaning that the narrator is a food lover . This can also be understood as Sandra ‘s writing style for children to give a humorous understanding of characters in the story

To explain about corn , it is widely used for making various recipes , to add crispy , crunchy taste while… [banner_entry_footer]


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