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Same Sex Marriage

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Same Sex Marriage

Same-sex marriages would promote the same individual and state interests that opposite-sex marriages already promote (Mark Strasser , 1999 Same-sex marriage is the unification of two people who are of the same gender . It does not upset society or anyone in particular . In present scenario , it is a burning issue among social structure of most of the countries . In the late 1990s and early 2000s , opposing efforts to legalize same-sex civil marriage made it a of contemplate all over the world . Homosexuality is a usual way of life nowadays with [banner_entry_middle]

a verified genetic causation . The present describes notable facts of same sex marriage and how legalizing the Same Sex Marriage is positive for society

In American society , we have liberty to choose whom we live with and whom we commit to , without the State interfering in our personal lives Many cultures in the world have recognized same-sex relationships as unions or marriages (Eskridge , 1996 . These comprise ancient Greece and Rome , dozens of African cultures and Native American cultures . Same-sex marriages involving berdaches (men or women with cross-gender identification ) were common in dozens of tribes

The first same-sex union in modern history with government recognition was obtained in Denmark in 1989 . At present , same-sex marriages are recognized in the Netherlands , Belgium , Spain , Canada , and the U .S state of Massachusetts for same-sex marriages performed within that state under its laws

Same-sex marriage has become a live ethical issue in recent decades because same-sex marriage has become legal in Belgium , Canada and the Netherlands . Civil partnerships are legal in the UK as of December 2005 .US court decisions in 2003 suggested that it would soon be legal there . The family laws of many countries now treat same-sex and opposite-sex couples equally , or almost equally . There is no longer a single code of sexual morality . Personal freedom of choice is now a significant element in morality . People are now more accepting of different sexualities and see restrictions on consensual adult sexual behaviour as unacceptable . In same sex marriages , the link between sex and procreation has been weakened by reliable contraception . Enjoyment and the expression of affection are just as or more important aims of sex than conceiving children

Reproductive technology allows same-sex partners to have children . Gay activists have made the issue a priority

The Minnesota court ruled that same-sex couples have no legal right to marry because marriage is and always has been an inherently heterosexual institution . This Note disagreed that these courts are wrong . The constitutional right of privacy requires states to sanction and recognize same-sex marriages . There is nothing inherent to the legal institution of marriage that excludes same-sex couples from it . Viewed functionally , legal marriage is essentially a binding commitment uniting two intimately related adults , a commitment which sustains the relationship between such adults by structuring their dealings with each other and with third parties . Conceived in this way , marriage is indifferent to the relative genders of its occupants . Marriage is not intrinsically closed to… [banner_entry_footer]


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