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rough draft questions

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BB ‘s Essay

Rough Draft Editing Questions (Answer these questions with specific details , reasons , and explanations . The more specific and detailed you are , the more help you will be giving

1 . Is there one clear focus throughout the draft ? Yes

2 . What is the specific question at issue the writer is responding to (If it is not clear to you or if there seems to be more than one question , point that out ) Which of the two dialogues is more effective and why

3 . What is the author ‘s thesis (Remember , the [banner_entry_middle]

thesis is the answer to the question at issue , the main point of the essay ) Is the thesis clear and precise or muddied ? Explain . The only sentence in the introduction that remotely looks like a thesis is the last short This speech is by far the most effective material

4 . Is there a substantial and adequate line of reasoning to support this thesis ? Can you outline the main points the author offers to support his or her thesis ? Does the author thoroughly develop and explain each point ? There substantial claims supported by text and to outline the essay would not be hard . Each paragraph is well put together although there is some confusion in sentence structure in places

5 . What about the structure of the essay ? Does each paragraph develop and explain one point ? Are there clear transitions and connections from paragraph to paragraph ? Are the paragraphs organized in a logical way so that the ideas flow reasonably from one to the next ? Where are the confusions ? Where and how could the author improve the structure and flow of ideas ? Everything is put together nicely , but , again some of the sentence structure needs help . I have clearly marked those areas on the essay . The flow works for the author , but it appears that they didn ‘t do much proofreading before submitting

6 . Have they used quotations sparingly but helpfully ? Have they cited correctly ? For example : According to Dr . King (Dream 3 . or Dr . King claims (Letter 5-6 . or In his “Letter from Birmingham Jail ” Dr . King says (5-6 . Quotes were used but no citation for them

7 . What about spelling , grammar , and punctuation ? Are they perfect What needs attention ? Some misspelling , quotation marks used where MLA calls for italics

8 . What about MLA format ? MLA format states some sort of citation should be given if quotes are used . Without knowing how the media was presented to the writer , it is hard to say whether or not they should have indicated page numbers . Also there is no reference page at the end

9 . Is there an exciting compelling title that draws you into the writing and makes you eager to read on ? The title is compelling probably used before , but it does perk one ‘s interest

10 . Is the introductory paragraph strong and compelling , making you want to read more ? Appears writer is trying to write like they speak which is not acceptable in academic writing unless student… [banner_entry_footer]


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