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Web designing is most crucial for e- marketing . The study found that by now , most companies have realized the need for an electronic marketing component as a part of their marketing strategy . However , there is a substantial difference between having a Web site on line , and having an integrated approach to e- marketing . Success of E- marketing is based on various factors . Among other factors , various approaches of web designing have been focused at . Discussing different types of web designing approaches , identifying their key advantages . We identify the factors that [banner_entry_middle]

have been found to increase response rate in e-marketing and e-marketing campaigns

Following exploratory qualitative research among industry experts and information collected from industry sources , e-marketing campaigns were analyzed to identify factors associated with higher response rates . It was found that following factors were associated with increased response rate : Web domain , Web contents , Search Engine Optimization , pay per click ads , Opt-in E mails , e-zines etc . For this research , demographic and lifestyle data were linked to the response . Analysis of these campaigns suggested that recipients who had previously bought on the Internet had higher response rates to e- marketing . Though , the factors listed are very important , experts at all times stressed at the roles of web designing approach on success of e-marketing . Different web designing approaches as found are : static websites , Dynamic or data base driven sites , Template sites and finally Content management System based sites . The study looked at advantages of each approach , compared on approach with the other one and finally found the best approach CMS as the most effective for successful e- marketing


Introduction 4

Methodology 4

Research Questions 5

Website Effectiveness 7

Primary Traffic Volume 8

Reach 9

Engagement Metrics 9

Conversion Metrics 10

Improving Engagement Conversion through Website Design 11

Visitor Types 12

Visitor Scenarios and Customer journeys 13

Navigation Schemes 14

Components of Websites 15

Internet Marketing Components 16

Page Rank 20

Approaches to Web Designing 22

Static Websites 22

Dynamic Websites 25

Data Based Websites 25

Template Based Websites 30

Content Management System Based Websites 32

Web Content Management System 34

Functions Of WCMS 36

Features and Functionality 38

CMS based Web Designing E-Marketing 43

How CMS better than other Web Designing Approaches 46

Case Study 51

CMS Example 53

Conclusion 62

References 65


E- marketing has been increasingly recognized as a cost-effective marketing tool . Forrester (Niall 2000 ) describes e- marketing as one of the most effective online marketing tools because of its high response rate . E- marketing has already been found to be worth 5 billion US dollars industry . E Marketer (2000 ) estimated that over 61 of all medium and large US companies used email marketing on a regular basis Jupiter (Pastore 2001 , predicted that spending on digital marketing initiatives such as coupons , promotions and e-mail would surpass that of Internet advertising (advertisements placed within website content such as banners , interstitials , rich media , pop ups , etc

This explores the factors related to web designing approaches that influence the effectiveness… [banner_entry_footer]


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