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role of presidency and congress in formulating american foreign policy

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Defense Department , created a permanent oversight committee in both houses , and has been able to legislate related dealings with the CIA

The process of keeping check on power is called `checks and balances ’12 Checks and balances in theory serves to keep the president from gaining so much power that he becomes all-powerful . It also serves to keep Congress from gaining just as much power . The whole political process at times may seem bogged down by too many rules and restrictions . However these seemingly too many rules are in fact the process [banner_entry_middle]

of `checks and balances ‘ working . We have seen the consequences of rushed action such as the Vietnam war , the war in Afghanistan and Iraq . Although as Americans we shouldn ‘t let foreign rulers believe that they can execute despicable acts as 9 /11 , we also shouldn ‘t rush into the decision of making war

As such we have seen the failure of Congress to suppress the haste of our current president . We have actually witnessed the consequences of not having the rest of the world commit their troops in our fight against tyranny . Had Congress been more authoritative and instituted the War Measures Resolution , maybe the rest of the world would have seen this as reserved action

No one ever said that retaliation should not take place . What the world was saying was `give us a moment to think because we have all seen what war has done and we wish to see the weapons of mass destruction ‘ In spite of this we still have had allies commit troops because of the overwhelming threat of terrorism in their country . It was the method in which the manner of achieving war that gave our allies reasons to demand further proof and not the ability to commit that was the… [banner_entry_footer]


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