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Robert Indiana-Love Sculpture

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LOVE Sculpture by Robert Indiana

This sculpture of Robert Indiana was made in the late 50 ‘s , when America was at war with Vietnam during the Vietnam War . His sculpture became the sign for peace , a silent protest to end the war . Because of this effort of his , his work became one of the most distinguished artworks of his time ADDIN EN .CITE LOVE2004Scottsdale Cultural Councilhttp /www .scottsdalepublica rt .org /collection /love .php “Love

Date of creation and Medium used

The concept of the sculpture came from his previous [banner_entry_middle]

works which are printed materials he has made before . The idea came from a piece of sculpture Robert Indiana saw when he visited a church in Indianapolis He saw a poster that has the words GOD is LOVE ‘ written on it . He was inspired to create a painting a reverse form of the banner , which shows the words LOVE is GOD

The first Love sculpture was made in the late 1950 ‘s and was carved out of a huge piece of unrefined aluminum wherein it was first shown at the Stable Gallery in 1966 . He carved the letters VE and placed LO at the top , in which the O is a bit tilted

It was then further reproduced using other materials like wood , brass and other metals . The first ones were mainly made from aluminum because of the weight of the material itself , aluminum , being lighter than other metals . But the ones made from aluminum are already 3 ,800 lbs . The usual dimension of the love sculpture is 144 ‘ high and 144 ‘ wide

The Artist

The budding young artist

Robert Clark , the former name of Robert Indiana , was born in New Castle Indiana in 1928 . He finished his high school education in Arsenal Technical High School , Indianapolis in 1942 . During that time , he was able to open his very first one-man exhibit of watercolors . His works at that time was influenced by many artists including Reginald Marsh Edward Hopper and Charles Sheeler . He then started studying at the Herron School of Art in Indianapolis , and then went to get his degree from School of the Art Institute of Chicago . He was able to get a traveling fellowship to Europe which opened a new door for him . He went to Edinburgh University and Edinburgh College of Art in Scotland , during his stay there

He went home to America wherein he settled near the New York Waterfront in 1956 . A year after , opened an exhibit showing his paintings , showing the people what he can do . He commonly made use of bold , contrasting conflicting colors ADDIN EN .CITE Robert Indiana2006http /www .rogallery .com /indiana_robert /indiana-biography .htm “Robert Indiana

The moralist , the thinker , the teacher

He is a moralist , a great thinker , who usually uses his arts to provoke the people ‘s thoughts . It is reflected in his creations usually what reflects the realities of man , giving meaning to basic words , shedding a new light to what we usually ignore . His works include paintings of… [banner_entry_footer]


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