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Rhetoric and Communication Analysis

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Today music represents one of the most popular forms of artistic expression without which many of us cannot imagine any single day However , the insightful musical compositions , which due to the presence in them of not only an emotional appeal produced by musical harmonies but as well of complex philosophical ideas can be compared to such lofty genre as poetry , seem to have lost much of their popularity among modern audiences . This is especially true for the younger generation that has shifted many of its preferences (Laing , 1985 , so that any manifestations [banner_entry_middle]

of interest to poetry from the side of youth should be greatly encouraged (Jocson , 2006 . Luckily , this interest is not yet completely lost as truly great songs that have already been known for several previous generations continue to live on , as can be seen on the example of the famous song Blowin` in the wind ‘ initially performed by Bob Dylan in the early 1960s , and afterwards covered and used many times by different artists of various genres (Marqusee , 2005 , pp .59-60 With this comparison between poetry and music in mind , let us undertake musical and poetic analysis of the mentioned song by Bob Dylan , and try to find out what it was that made it so popular for such a long time

The song Blowin` in the wind ‘ is quite simple form the point of view of its musical composition . In fact , aside from the voice of Dylan , only guitar and harmonica accompany the verses of the song . Such a minimalism of sound testifies to the belonging of the song to the counterculture that at the time of its creation was defying many of the clichys of pop music . At the same time , Dylan , who valued traditions of the American song , kept the familiar structure based on the alternation of melodious verses with intervals , in this particular case filled with the tune played on harmonica . Therefore , for listeners who either do not want to go deeply into the meaning of the song , or even simply do not know English , Blowin` in the wind ‘ may represent a very nice tune that can be easily remembered and even whistled

It becomes completely clear that the mentioned musical simplicity of Blowin` in the wind ‘ is by far not coincidental after we consider that the musical form of the song actually helps keep the attention of listeners riveted to the messages contained in the text . Thus , the poetic analysis of the song is warranted for the best understanding of the impact that this song has had on the audiences . With this observation in mind , we should take a closer look at the poetic aspects of the lyrics . The song is generally divided into three almost equal parts that structurally resemble one another . This resemblance stems from the usage in the song of virtually identical semantic shell , which in each of the three parts is just infused with various supporting examples that all contribute to the same basic message , namely that the hostility… [banner_entry_footer]


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