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Revenge Revenge Revenge

Although the word revenge ‘ has single meaning but it has various manifestation and is used in various connotations . For example Shakespeare alone has used it in different undertones in his plays Hamlet and Othello . In Hamlet , it depicts the wrath of prince who is taking revenge of his murdered father whereas in Othello , it reveals itself in the debauchery of Emilia . When I ventured through most of the resources , I further analyzed that revenge is a part of human nature to take revenge and [banner_entry_middle]

moral , religious and ethical values only impedes its way for a short time and to a certain extent My search for resources related to the word revenge ‘ was interesting and exploring . The novel way to explore the reality of a single word inculcated a spirit in me to look for a thing from different angles Some of the research method for locating resources was new to me and I was using them for the first time e .g . Magnolia .Xerox . Furthermore , as the resources were diverse , so the major hurdle in my way was to start the search anew after searching a whole database of articles to meet the requirements of the research . There was another dilemma that contributed toward evolving my search habits . Sometime after reading a whole article , I realized that it is not related to word revenge , so I had to restart my search afresh . But this habit roused my inquisitive nature and after sometime it was not a problem for me

The first source I used was Oxford Dictionary that provided a full definition The act of doing hurt or harm to another in return for wrong or injury suffered satisfaction obtained by repayment of injuries ‘ of the word with its etymology . Oxford Dictionary illustrates that revenge ‘ can used as a verb and as a noun Additionally Oxford Dictionary provides various definition of the word revenge but I only noted the most comprehensive definition . The etymology further describes the nature and origin of this word . Oxford Dictionary further provides a timeline when this word was first used in English . So this research exercise helped me to locate comprehensive and concise meaning of the word . I further consulted Oxford American English Thesaurus to locate the synonyms for revenge . It not only provided one word substitutes for the word revengeFor example vengeance retaliation , retribution , reprisal , requital , redress etc

but further supplied some idiomatic phrases that can used as a alternative for revenge . This information enabled me to understand the verbal equivalences of revenge The third resource was the religious interpretation of revenge . I took a passage from Bible (Ezekiel 25 :15 . It says that a malicious and spiteful heart is the habitat of revenge . While providing an example of Philistines ‘ took the revenge with a spiteful heart that was a product of old hatred . This verse of Bible denotes that revenge is not something innate or instinctive but it results from a malevolent heart It suggests that higher faculties of… [banner_entry_footer]


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