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Having grown up in Los Angeles in a family of four , I learned early on in life the importance of family values . Being from a small family , I learned that it is important to have team work to get things done on a daily basis . Often times , it is necessary to see what needs to be completed and assert oneself to work on the tasks without constant supervision or direction . Later in life , I incorporated these beliefs into making a difference within my community . To me it is important to not only learn [banner_entry_middle]

throughout life , but to apply the learning to make a difference in the world around me

Prior to graduation from high school in 2004 , I was the youngest board member of the Chinese American Education Association . Being the youngest board member meant that I had to show that I was able to handle responsibilities and follow the needs of the association . The focus of the club was on parent and child relationships in the community . It was through the Chinese American Education Association that I learned what it was like to attend formal meetings , plan activities and develop strong communication skills . Being an active part of the community is important , not only during educational years but throughout one ‘s entire life

Having knowledge about the terrible disease , aids , I became actively involved in trying to assist with funding for finding a cure for this illness . I participated in an Aids Walk that was for the purpose of supporting the cure for aids . Finding sponsors within my community for the walk and participating in the activity enabled me to further develop my organizational skills and face to face interactions with people in the community

My educational goals include obtaining a bachelor degree in communications . As well as communications , I later intend to go to law school . With my communication skills , pre-college background and legal knowledge , I hope to become a strong influence in my local community . I would like to be able to influence politicians to make better laws that will affect the residents of my community . In addition , I would like to eventually run for a political position such as city council member or a member of the board of education… [banner_entry_footer]


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