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Respond of Women`s Studies

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The articles under analysis devoted to a problem of gender roles and low social status of Arab women in both American and Eastern societies The authors argue that religious , family , educational , and social systems of a society have a profound impact on cultures and determine relation between men and women in Arab society . Increasing role of social and feminist movements against oppression and low status of Arab women is vividly portrayed by the authors who believe that Arab women leadership and changing stereotypes are the main remedies for this situation [banner_entry_middle]

. What are the causes of this situation and what are the current attempts to deal with it

Nabet et al arguments are directed towards historical and social causes of this problem . The audience of `The Forgotten – ism ‘ would agree that wrong historical images of Arab women have a great impact on humiliation and racism faced by Arab women in America . The main problem is that : A dominant trend in US progressive polities is to avoid building solidarity with Arab activists and our allies who are critical of Zionism (p . 99 .Also , the authors argue that low status of Arab women and discrimination are socially approved based on the notion that All Arabs are Muslims (p . 107 ) which heats aggression and rejection of these women . Nabet et al respond to these issues stating that leadership movements and feminist organizations are the main strategies used by Arab women to prove their social position and value

E . Shobai connects low social status of Arab women with Zionism and its negative impact on modern Jews . It is possible to assume that the problem with the identity is the provision of religious affiliation under marital status . Through the example of Sephardim , the audience understands that legal equality is paramount in social thinking , but they understood that it could only be truly achieved when a consensus for social change developed in the culture . It is possible to say that the central leadership of Arab women should initiate the projects and arrange for technical assistance , then turn over business decisions regarding production , accounting , marketing , and distribution of profits to the participants

Amireh (2005 ) discusses similar ideas underlining the profound impact of culture and traditions on Arab women . Still , the author and the audience question Why some women become suicide bombers ‘ One must agree that the possible question lies in cultural norms and values shared by Arab girls since early childhood . There is a consensus among the women ‘s leadership in all the groups that making decisions at the workplace enhances a woman ‘s self-confidence and is bound to affect her private life . The women ‘s leadership , however , has no illusions that these isolated pilots would change social attitudes toward women ‘s roles in the society

In spite of great changes and role of feminist movements , Arab women are still discriminated and oppressed . Examples from the readings suggest that the causes of the problems could be found in social construction of Arab society driven by… [banner_entry_footer]


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