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How much are we asked to regard other people and the other creatures around us ? Does everyone and everything deserve our attention or recognition ? Do others have to be feared or honored ? Who should be obeyed and submit ourselves to ? Shall we render reverence or deference All the answers lie on how deeply we understand what respect really means . 1Feinberg defined respect as the acknowledgment of the power of something other than ourselves to demand , command , or make claims on our attention , consideration and deference ‘ 2J . Rawls said it is the recognition [banner_entry_middle]

of something as directly determining our will without reference to what is wanted by our inclinations ‘ But the Bible provided the most concrete way of showing respect : render therefore to all their dues , tribute to whom tribute is due , custom to whom custom fear to whom fear , honor to whom honor (Romans 13 :7 ) Respect therefore encompasses attention , recognition , fear and honor , obedience and submission , including reverence and deference

The concept of respect is both objective and subjective in nature . It is objective in the sense that it does not favor anyone . The Bible says in I Peter 2 :17 Honor all men .fear God ‘ Regardless of status ability and merit , we are asked to respect all men . It is subjective because our means of showing respect to others depends on our culture and tradition , religion and level of understanding . It should be clear to us that not only humans deserve respect other creatures and things around us deserve respect . We should respect other living organisms because they have feelings , they have life , and they are creatures created by God who created us . Laws , policies and agreements are to be respected too because they are created by people on the grounds that they are to serve for our own good

Respect is not a timely or seasonal value . It should be shown at all times . We respect the king even without the crown oh his head and is playing baseball . Our respect for a school teacher should continue even outside the school campus . Our respect for road signs and traffic lights should be the same as when there are no traffic officers on the post What has been promised and sworn to should be done faithfully , even without a witness and a written agreement . This is because respect des time , place and person or thing to which it is rendered . We may have different ways of honoring people . Obedience and submission to one ‘s authority are examples . We may have different means of showing respect for nature like letting other organisms in their natural habitats . We have different ways of honoring God by kneeling in prayer or bowing to Allah . Let us remember that the measure of respect is in the heart of a person . It is not on the outward way of showing respect but on the intentions of the heart . It is also important to note that when we respect others , regardless of means , we , in… [banner_entry_footer]


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