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Resoponse under women`s studies

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Three articles by three separate authors ‘ were read and compared as to the relevance and accuracy of women ‘s struggles and losses when their lives were adversely affected by political , social or cultural change

Andrea Smith ‘s article , Feminist /Womanist Perspectives on Religion Colonization , and Sexual Violence , was by far the most detailed and well supported out of the three articles read . Smith ‘s use of graphic examples of the rights taken from native women allowed for a very persuasive argument . Smith points out Native women , before colonization intervened , were [banner_entry_middle]

the dominating force in tribes the decision makers and held medicinal and shamanistic powers . Christianization and westernization took the power away from women and they became subjected to the white man . It is the Indian men who are looked upon as the rapists ‘ and suppressors of Indian women by western civilization

Smith discussed the self-hate felt by many Indian women because of the sexual violence and the feelings of worthlessness due not having a true identity . This loss in identity is similar to _________ discussion of the tourism plagued Hawai ‘i . Native Hawaiian ‘s have lost their tradition and culture due to capitalism their island has become a commercialized playground for the American tourist . The author ‘s argument as I see it discusses Hawaiians ‘ loss of tradition due to a lack of true Hawaiian culture . Islanders are taught and raised on tourism , they are brainwashed into thinking tourism is their only source of employment Once employed , depending on what area they are employed in , they are told to where Hawaiian costumes , which are not true to Hawaiian culture and dance in not traditional ways , wearing untraditional Hawaiian makeup . Of course this is just an example of the made up tourist culture of Hawai ‘i , but it represents _____point that tradition is lost due to commercial take over

The author of Lovely Hula Hands , __________ , discusses Hawaii ‘s commercial take over , more specifically , tourism . ___ argument that Hawaii ‘s natives are suffering due to tourism is well supported however , the argument that tourism has a more substantial effect on women is not . The author proved without a doubt that Hawai ‘i has lost most of its traditions as well as the negative affects of tourism on the economic well being of its native people however , I was not convinced that these affects could be more devastating on the native women than men . Both genders are suffering from commercialization in their native land

Much like ____ article on Hawaiian tourism , Patricia Allard ‘s argument in Crime , Punishment , and Economic Violence did not demonstrate the negative affects of social policy on women . Allard ‘s biased argument was the least convincing of all three articles . I do believe that the social policy concerning convicted drug offenders is quite harsh and detrimental to an individual ‘s chance of economic survival however Allard ‘s argument did not convince me that women are suffering more from the policy ‘s injustice . I say this because her… [banner_entry_footer]


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