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Conflict has the value of allowing the better understanding of the individuals that form a group (Johnson Johnson , 1995 . Within groups conflict is usually accompanied by three major types of concerns or needs that exist within the parties involved . These are psychological procedural , and substantive concerns (Webne-Behrman , 2006 Psychological concerns refer to such needs that are related to the emotional state of the parties , such as trust , safety , honesty and loyalty . Procedural concerns deal with the process or protocols related to the methods of addressing problems or tackling projects . Substantive concerns [banner_entry_middle]

deal with the actual problem at hand in a given conflict – that is , the issue that needs resolution in any given situation . Members of a group are individuals , and as such , are prone to require different things from a given team relationship . It is to be expected that these psychological , procedural , and substantive concerns will differ in a group setting . It is therefore desirable in any such setting to address such aspects of conflicts that derive from these concerns by establishing rules , defining the conflict , and creating a positive atmosphere in which to work

The establishing of ground rules is a foundational aspect of conflict resolution , and this element deals directly with the three main concerns found in groups that collaborate on projects . Ground rules may be defined as statements that reflect people ‘s best intentions regarding how they wish to treat one another in civil dialogue (Webne-Behrman 2006 . Such rules are the cornerstone of courtesy , and are present in any group that maintains a positive relationship . It involves such aspects of interpersonal communication as taking turns , empathic listening , confidentiality , trust , support , and democratic freedom (the ability to express one ‘s opinion without fear of being harassed for being a dissenter . The rules should also involve methods of defining all the concerns of the group and of garnering the respect of all members for any of the concerns detected in or disclosed by others (Epps , 2004 Webne-Behrman , 2006

Definition of the conflict is also an area of immense importance because of the bearing that this has on the strategies that must be brought to bear upon the problematic situation being faced . This particular step in resolving conflicts is the one that deals with the clarification of the substantive concerns that each member brings to the group . All disputes tend to have this need present , and it must be acknowledged before it can be dealt with . The necessity for being specific about problems being faced cannot be underestimated because such specificity allows those in charge or concerned to be incisive in dealing with the problem that an individual or group might be facing . If in a business setting , for example , an employee feels as though he or she is being discriminated against , the manager who must deal with the situation should encourage that employee to outline the ways in which discrimination has occurred Strategies for intervention can then be designed around this knowledge and more detailed plans for dealing with… [banner_entry_footer]


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