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Research Reliability

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Measuring Reliability

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI ) is one of the most popular personality tests in the world today . However , data reviewed from more than twenty MBTI research studies has indicated that the test has inadequate validity . In other words , MBTI does not adequately measure what it is meant to measure . Moreover , MBTI has reported reliability coefficients for its four scales on general population samples in the ranges from 0 .61 to 0 .87 . Experts on psychometric testing reveal that reliability coefficients for short personality tests should actually be in the [banner_entry_middle]

range of 0 .7 to 0 .8 (Psychometric Success . Does this mean that MBTI is unreliable ? – No . While this important personality test sometimes reveals a lower reliability coefficient than the other personality tests , even when its reliability coefficient is close to 0 .61 , the test is said to give us a dependable measure of the constructs it measures at least 61 of the time . To put it another way , at least 61 of the people who use the MBTI once would see that their scores on the different constructs of the test would not change on a second testing session and all subsequent testing sessions

Reliability is also known as repeatability ‘ or consistency A test with perfect reliability has a coefficient of 1 .0 . A test with no reliability whatsoever has a coefficient of 0 . A test with perfect reliability is one which gives us absolutely consistent results with the same sample . The higher the reliability , the better is a test scientifically , given that we can trust the results of this test with confidence , knowing that they will not change drastically through retesting (Trochim , 2006

With MBTI , we can be confident that the test would show us a true picture of an individual ‘s personality at least 61 of the time Although this value is better than 50 , MBTI would have


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given us greater confidence in terms of its measurement if its reliability coefficient always fell in the range of 0 .8 to 0 .9 . This would have led us to believe that MBTI is most definitely a trustworthy measure of an individual ‘s personality type


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