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Research Proposal : Human Computer Interaction (HCI


We are passing through the era of Information technology (IT ) where the mainstream framework for HCI research as well as the information-processing cognitive psychology has achieved auxiliary and more criticism reasoning of serious problems with research and practical design . In a planned within HCI Research the potentiality of information processing psychology has to justify with theoretical frameworks . Here we presented an overview of the circumstances and discusses potentials of activity as a surrogate framework for HCI research and design

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Nasima Talukder Monmoon

1 ) Preliminaries

Interaction between users and computers is called Human-computer interaction (HCI . This is a corelated subject that relating computer science with so many fields of study and research . Interaction between the user and the computers occurs at the user interface includes both software and hardware . It is concerned with the design , evaluation and implementation of interactive computing systems for human use and with the study of major phenomena adjacent them

By making computers more user-friendly and receptive to the user ‘s needs to develop the interaction between users and computers is the altimate objectives of HCI . Thus HCI is concerned with Methodologies and Processes of designing interfaces . These interfaces are given as design the best possible interface within given constraints a task and a class of users or efficiency of use

The methods to implement interfaces include software toolkits and libraries an efficient algorithm , techniques for evaluating and comparing interfaces developing new interfaces and interaction techniques developing descriptive and predictive models and theories of interaction

An interactive graphics program on a workstation where classical situation is a person using . At the same time it is clear that varying what is meant by interaction , human , while we might not wish to exclude them as part of human-computer interaction , we would , nevertheless , and machine leads to a rich space of possible s , some of which , wish to identify as peripheral to its focus . Other s we would wish to identify as more central

This is an interdisciplinary subject , relating computer science with many other fields of study and research . Interaction between users and computers occurs at the user interface (or simply interface , which includes both software and hardware , for example , general-purpose computer peripherals and large-scale mechanical systems such as aircraft and power plants

2 ) Introduction

Here in this proposal I will describe an intended study in the field of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI , focusing on human factors and ergonomics , in relation to the design and use of computers . The Ergonomics can be specified as the scientific , interdisciplinary study of individuals and their physical relationship to the work environment At the same time as stated some of the primary concerns of HCI for ergonomic and human factor specialists consist of workstation , hardware and software design aspects that is concerned with physiological effects on humans

From this point of view the study proposes to scrutinize factors that influence the suitability of a workstation . It will attempt to identify if these factors are… [banner_entry_footer]


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